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FMM16 7.2 Top Transfer Budgets


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Budget is everything (apart from tactics, obviously). It determines which players you can sign and therefore most of your team's success. 

But which clubs start with the highest budget. Without swapping anything around we have listed the top budgets and their wage budget left.


Club Nation League Default Transfer (£) 7.2 Update Transfer (£) Default Wage left (£) 7.2 Update Wage left (£)
Manchester City England English Premier Division 51m 50m 150k 241k
Barcelona Spain Liga BBVA 50m 50m 141k 155k
R. Madrid Spain Liga BBVA 50m 50m 859k 955k
Arsenal England English Premier Division 47m 47m 103k 105k
Atletico Spain Liga BBVA 47m 47m 209k 248k
Chelsea England English Premier Division 49m 45m 113k 108k
Athletic Club Spain Liga BBVA 29.5m 29.5m 34k 50k
Manchester United England English Premier Division 30m 28.5m -75k -128k
Liverpool England English Premier Division 27.5m 27.5m 119k 82k
Sevilla Spain Liga BBVA 20.5m 26m 278k 329k
Valencia Spain Liga BBVA 24.5m 20.5m 48k -26k
Juventus Italy Serie A 13.5m 20.5m 11k 22k
Inter Italy Serie A 19.5m 16.75m 30k 5k
A.C. Milan Italy Serie A 16.75m 16.25m 11k -69k
Tottenham England English Premier Division 21.5m 15.75m 101k 92k
Paris Saint-Germain France Ligue 1 15.5m 15.5m 395k 268k
Roma Italy Serie A 18.5m 15m 15k -60k
Bayern Germany German First Division 15m 15m 292k 165k
AFC Ajax Holland Eredivisie 12.75m 12.75m 24k 32k
OL France Ligue 1 11m 12.5m 48k 152k
Olympique de Marseille France Ligue 1 11m 12m 80k 85k
Dortmund Germany German First Division 11.75m 11.75m 295k 389k
S.S. Lazio Italy Serie A 11.5m 11.75m 22k -13k
Napoli Italy Serie A 11.75m 11.5m 75k 108k
AS Monaco France Ligue 1 10.25m 10.25m 30k 33k
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