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Do cups affect finances other than upsets?

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Hey guys, I think the title explains it. I'm managing Alfreton and got to the 4th round of the FA Cup with some pretty easy games, no upsets or anything but for a VNL side to be in the 4th round it's a pretty big deal. 

Obviously there is no current, direct impact on your finances unless it's a shock result - but is there some kind of finance boost in next season's transfer budget for getting so far? I know there's a bonus of £67,000 in real life. Then there's ticket gates/TV which are overlooked in FMM anyway - but Cambridge got like £1m for their 3rd round tie against Man U - but I got nothing for being beaten in the 4th round by Wolves. 

On another note - how does each coaching course for your staff cost £50k?! Uefa B license is £700!

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The better you do it will improve reputation that will improve finances.


I think the high price for licenses is to deter people from spamming it too much.

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Dec is right I won the capital one cup with forest green rovers  in league 1 and I got around 30 to 40 million as I think it is because the club was now in European competitions.

I think you mainly have to win the competition  to get and extra boost in your transfer budget in the next season


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