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Help Public Pressure

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If they are playing well then praise in the public, if they are playing very badly then criticise but only do it in exceptional cases for both. Don't want to praise a player who has been average.

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But praising a player privately increases morale even if they've not played a single match so is there a way to do this (increase morale) to players who like public pressure?

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It could completely demoralise a player though, 

For Example let's say, You have a 21 year Old Striker on track for 35goals this season, Average Rating of 7.8 and you Publically Ridicule him, How do you think that will effect the player?

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The problem is the response I get. I've had players get 7 and 8 and are on 'okay' morale and they like public pressure so I publicly praise them by thy drop morale instead img of improving.

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