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Hi I'm an old member of Vibe who just recently started playing football manager again but I've missed out on last year and half of this year and I just have a few questions! 


-I was wondering if game elements have changed as I have found that throughout the season my team goes through very odd periods. For example I am in League 1 with Chorley and we start the season with 1 win from 5 but then we go on a 9 win streak followed by 4 defeats and 2 loses. My question is has the game changed and is there a way to stop these bad spells from happening?

- Another one is I haven't had any youth gens in 2 1/2 seasons? Is this normal on this game or is something wrong?

-Is there any certain style of play that is dominant on this game? I remember a few years ago there was a 4-3-2-1 that scored many goals and could get you winning national cups whilst still being in the conference! 


Thanks for your help! -J

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1) Form can be dependent a lot on your players. Do you play a lot of youngsters or have signed many new players?

2) This happens more if you have a small squad.

3) If on Enhanced engine there isn't anything that is really dominant, it depends a lot on adapting.

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