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Tactics Giant killing tactics?


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I'm in my second season doing a challenge (win everything with only signing U19 players) with Blackburn, and I just got promoted to the Premier League. Last season I found some decent tactics to use, and we did well. But this season, my best players from last season left because they were on loan and reject my transfer offers, so I've had to improvise.

I'm struggling to stay afloat against all of the good teams in the Premier League, and I feel like I'm going to be sacked really soon if I don't get some better results.

Does anyone know any good defensive tactics? I've got good tactics for teams I know I can beat, but not for bigger ones. I don't need to be beating Man Utd 6-0, I just want draws or near losses against bigger teams with mostly wins against the medium ones :D.

I don't need the tactics to fit my best players perfectly, I'll adapt based on it.

Thanks in advance :3

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I use in the premier league a Simple 4-4-2 attackingScreenshot_20160706-010031.thumb.jpg.ac8Screenshot_20160706-010014.thumb.png.816

This is a few seasons on, but it saved my premier league status in my first season, Screenshot_20160703-181625.thumb.png.af1

I took over cardiff with something like 15 points in january and it saved me by about 1 point


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