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Challenges From amauteur to the champions league challenge


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Hi guys! I was inspired to create a challenge by this guy.IMG_0168.thumb.PNG.92b608a49152931e5132defc38e028c1.PNGHe played games as a first team player from national north to the premiershipIMG_0169.thumb.PNG.4cadb6c75b2e0bf579e7860591ceae5d.PNGIMG_0170.thumb.PNG.5e5629b5bdb72bbc5bb6417006c9528e.PNGIMG_0171.thumb.PNG.2f697b85f3bd900a13562523a1016dee.PNGIMG_0172.thumb.PNG.49799a535821bbdb753f530f59c5e55e.PNGIMG_0173.thumb.PNG.00fb87a36d7a29b1269044872b5419bb.PNGIMG_0174.thumb.PNG.00a694101321671c6b1e6f5affce9a16.PNG

So here are the rules:

Start a game in VNS/VNN

buy a player or use default players in your squad 

Win Euro Champions Cup. Your player should play at least 30 games per season as a starting player. Your country boy must play the hole match in the winning final of ecc

No editor or save/load and other cheating 

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