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Career Plug'n'play challege 2nd attempt


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At first Excuse me for my 2017 challenge. My phone memory died so as my idea. I was very angry, and I didn't play fmm until 2018 release.

 I have changed the rules a bit.

So let's remember the rules.

 I will wait for 6 tactics from fmm users. I'll install 6 different players tactics on the same team in 6 different save slots. You can post training sets for your tactics. As for me, I'll find suitable players for your tactics and I will make substitutions during the game. And nothing more... I won't touch your tactics for 5 years :) 

Thats all for you.

Every year l will sack the worst manager. So the second season I'm gonna start with 5 saves. Third with 4 saves and so on... After 5 years we'll see the winner. 

In 2018 fmm our team will be...


I remember this team in serie A. So let's bring Piacenza back.

So I'm waiting for your tactic instructions and training sets

Thx for your attention ;)

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Our first career challenger is Gordon Blaine. He agreed to join with his promising tactics 

Well it was very difficult to adapt this tactics to Piacenza. This team has tons of poor highwaged or unsuitable players. I think my transfer campaign will continue until the end of transfer window.


Our team and transfers 






And here are our key players 



First checkpoint is ready, waiting for others 

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