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Temporary fix for P20 lite users

I've had the issue myself as a user of the P20 lite, and I've seen a few comments here and in the reviews on the play store about how the game is almost unplayable on the P20 lite. You cant click anything, nothing works, it's unplayable. Until the developers look into a real fix this should help your game become playable. 

As owners of the P20 lite know, they've joined in on the notch on the screen hype. To play the game properly without any issues, make sure when you hold the phone horizontally, the notch is on the right and the Huawei is on the left, when it's this way you can play the game normally, when the notch is on the left the game won't play. I know this sounds daft, but try it, the game should be fine as long as you hold it that way! 

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