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Tactics 3-2-2-2-1 Dominant Tactics


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Hi guys, I tried new tactics with ac milan to make them great again.

I used Ricardo rodriguez to provide me with crosses

I used 4 Man midfield and 1 winger on right and Lone striker 

I got pretty decent results. I dominated all the teams I played against.

I want u guys to try these tactics and let me know what u think of them.  and suggest any changes

PS: My BMW doesn’t get very high rating.. Any suggestions??









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No bro.. Haven’t tried it elsewhere, but got pretty decent results with this Milan side. Suso is on fire and Piatek too. It’s just my inside forward is not getting much goals


added 0 minutes later

Let me know how did this these tactics go with u sides 

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Changing the IF to a winger seems to be making the tactic better for me. It's likely because it keeps the player out of the space already being occupied by the SS and the P.

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On 22/05/2019 at 20:29, Jdeol11 said:

Hey bro could u post some of ur results ?

I don't like doing that until the end of a season. Currently still top in January however.

Record so far in the league is P24 W17 D7 L0 GF45 GA10 GD+35 PTS58

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