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Career SG Sonnenhof Großaspach FC- Kings of Liga 3


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Good Morning All


Choosing the team

I have chosen this club primarily as my experience & knowledge in the German Lower divisions is lacking. SG are an interesting club and started life as a Sports Club, deciding to branch out into football and being successful at it. My aim was to get SG to become champions of Liga 3.


Stadium & Facilities

Over 2 years at the club, I have built SG to have both State of the art 1st team training facilities and Youth training facilities. The stadium holds just over 10,000 fans which we are able to fill most weekends. The club has great infrastructure to become a successfull team.


Holiday and Assistant Manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff,Finance and Training

The club now boasts more than a few World Class coaches. The Finances are very much in the green, with the club ready to develop and improve when needed. The training is delegated over to my World Class Assistant Boris Schommers.



As always, I used my Tiki Taka Tactic when managing SG. I found that in my 1st season, the defence was fantastic but the attack struggled somewhat. In the 2nd season, the defence and attack were much better and the tactic truly gelled.



In the 1st season, I needed to make many changes to almost every area of the pitch with the quality not being good enough. The 2nd season required less changes being made as seen below.  The two transfers in were for a winger & a better goalkeeper.


The result

In a very close season in Liga 3 & with Karlsruhe FC being top of the league for most of the season, we somehow managed to become the Champions of Liga 3. We lost only 4 times during the season and had an amazing 19 clean sheets during the season. It has been great fun managing SG and like there humble beginnings, it has got me very excited for FMM 20.


Managers Statistics


League Statistics


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