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Help iPad Save Issue


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Hi, new here but just looking for a bit of help with the below issue;

I run FM Mobile 20 on my iPad and the game works well however when I save a game and then exit the app, the next time I load FM Mobile, and go to load the save, it isn’t there?

If I then go into an old save or start a new game and go to save it, it lists the missing save but I can’t access it from “Load game” on the menu. This happens with multiple save’s and can be highly frustrating as long term saves are clearly there but just not accessible through load game.

Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone help?

I am an avid FM player but this will stop me from playing the game again, as all the time and effort I put into it, is just a waste.

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12 hours ago, Foxy said:

I play on iPad and have no problems.

I would suggest this is an issue that you take straight to SI themselves as they will be able to help more than we can.



Hi Foxy,

Thank you for the reply, I have raised the issue with them following your link.

Hopefully they get back to me soon.


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