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Career Wexford Football Club - The 'Youths' come of age!


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I chose Wexford FC as they were one of the smallest clubs in Ireland As well as their unique style. The club was founded in 2007 but has already reached the top of Irish football once in 2015! I wanted to use my Philosophy to get Wexford FC back to those heights.


Wexford had Basic 1st Team Facilities and below average youth team facilities. Over 5x seasons, I have managed to get Wexford State of the art facilities through asking the board. The stadium was 2,500 capacity but has now been increased to 5,000.


The training regime of the players has been delegated over to my Assistant Manager which ended up being the Irish Legend Roy Keane. The Finances have been quite low and buying players has been a struggle but have been kept in the green. Due to the Facilities improving, the amount of coaches,scouts and Facilities have increased BUT they are all Bronze Standard.


I used my Tiki Taka tactic to take Wexford FC to the top. The tactic worked well although the quality of the players is not great. Both defence and attack had issues throughout my 5 year spell.


The squad was probably the toughest thing to get right here. In my 1st season at the club, I immediatly wanted to go with young, fit players but actually there were not that many interested in joining Wexford which meant the players which did come were quite low quality. This resulted in the next few seasons having poor transfer activity. Eventually the balance got perfected but my 1st season after promotion was very confusing to me because the quality felt very high but the squad did not click.


The result of my 5x seasons at Wexford FC was overall Successful!! We won the Airtricity Division in 2021 and the Airtricity League in 2023. Wexford FC was a challenging but satisfying career and I felt proud when we finally reached the top.


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