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Tactics Carlo Ancelotti’s Formation on FM Mobile 2021


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The Carlo Ancelloti's Formation in Football Manager Mobile (FMM) 2021 is one of the best Formation you can try.

This 4-1-2-2-1 Formation is very common in recent times...it is similar to a 4-3-3 and  4-5-1 formation. It shores  up the midfield and allow you to hold possessions.  Football games are won by possessions most times, except you are Diego Simone.
But This Particular Formation has the Carlo Ancelotti Vibes.

With Two Defensive midfielders, one staying permanently and one box to box plus one centre midfielder. 
I added the Defenders to be ball playing Defenders(BPD) because, I noticed they do well that way.
The Two Wingers in front are inside Forwards and the Striker is a poacher. This is a lovable Formation , and it should do well with most teams.

I tried it with Everton for two seasons. I shared my results in the Video, u can try the formation too.. It's actually fun and you normally would not lose possession.

Note: You can always choose to player "Balanced football" or "attacking" one or "counter attack" or "control" depending on your opponent and situation.

Let me know what you think of the formation.




Screenshot_20210613-234748_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210613-234741_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210613-234734_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210613-234720_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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