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Career DT attempt


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So here comes my attempt of DT. After a successfull 1KC I decided now was the time to brave this challenge. My 2 chosen hero's are.


My hope is there both Italian which hopefully may impact there form together time will tell.

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The lads



Not a bad start for the lads.





I wanted the challenge of psv not a great budget and definitely not as good of a squad as ajax. So gave me the perfect opportunity to build the squad I want from scratch. Definitely reshuffling as I'm not scoring as much as I know I can. 

thanks for following guys respect.

Screenshot_20210821-122429_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210821-122423_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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Season #2 

The lads and how there progressing.





Sorry for my table when I think of something better.


League table




I'm still tweaking as I seem to struggle with 2 strikers not found a good system yet to suit them both. 

Thanks guys 

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35 minutes ago, MikeF said:

That’s a good start for youngsters. You should stick with it.

Going back to China lol going to go to season  2 before using my 2 chosen strikers getting my formation sorted and the rest of the team 👍 

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54 minutes ago, Plimmerz92 said:

Going back to China lol going to go to season  2 before using my 2 chosen strikers getting my formation sorted and the rest of the team 👍 

China’s easy. Give yourself a challenge ;) 

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