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Tactics 3-4-3 Unbeaten 47 games Serie C/B


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Chris1428 for Bilbao FMM 2020 worked brilliant for me in Serie C/B with Pisa.

Bought free transfers for with attributes for thier resp. roles.

Also used a great corner setup (from this forums).

Can only guess that it will work in higher leagues as well.

No credit for me, just wanted to share the info.

The tactic:  




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One DC att near post, the  other far post. TM marks keeper. Both MC lurking outside. Winger take corners - ALL the rest stay back. So three guys in penalty area, two lurking. Looks stupid but works.

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3 hours ago, Joel Lindskog said:


Nice to see that my corner tactic not only works for me. Last year with Leicester Fofana had like 12 or 15 goals just from corners or free kicks.

Just a little tip for the FK: in front of the six yard box i put them on shoot. But on the wider area’s i use again inswinger takers and put both or just one CD to go upfront. And for the taker i select best header😉. So the tacker will be looking for the CD again. also this year it works :)

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