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Tactics 4-3-1-2


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This tactic was one of my tactics last year and it still works despite the game being a pain in the rear end. All instructions are the same with roles except the CM changed to a RP. I play on attacking mostly but change to overload during the half against a team I'm dominating and if we've only scored a goal. Though during the last 6 league matches I changed to overload and we scored 16 goals in 6 so I think overload is better.

    For some reason the left sided striker would not score much mo matter the role, I had Lewin there and he couldn't crack 10 goals in the season. He's never good for me on any save, Oshimhen on the other hand was good. 25&6 in 35 matches.

Like in the previous post, movement and pace is what is needed for your front two. Your SS, movement and shooting but if you have the extra cash, get one with passing and creativity 

We exploited corners a little bit In the league as we scored from it 21 times but with how my players missed clear cut chances and how the games is kind of bad this year, we're pretty even. Corner tactic is the same best header mark keeper, aim corner to the Penalty spot and everyone stay back

 If you have any suggestions to make it better, comment. 

P.S, we faced Man City in the UEL final and they still lost 2-0😄😄. Pep couldn't still escape Yaya Toure's curse







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45 minutes ago, Uncleseekx said:

The goals should be higher than that. Was there any injury to key players? 

in your save from corners  you got 34 + -  goal

in my save i got 17 + - 


and i dont have as good team as yours .   

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