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Help Tactic & Formation Question

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Check tactics index 

Try twin tower of any 41212 formation you see

You can also try 4222(442 wide with wingers just above the cms and full backs no wing backs, standard tactics everything normal 

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For striker like haaland to score a lot of goals, you can try 1 striker formation with 433 or 451, make haaland a target forward (you can do it with poacher too but i prefer target forward).

Place some advanced playmakaer behind him to play 1-2 pass, and support him with winger or advanced playmaker.

For corner set pieces, place haaland in near post and make corner taker too pass in near post

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He said 433 or 451

Haaland TF, 

In a 433,try making the center CM the AP and 2 wingers beside Haaland 


Or he meant 4213 2 wingers and an AP sitting behind halaand

About 451,I dunno how he wants it, prolly 2 wingers and 3 CMs maybe 1 a RP

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