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Help Let's talk a little about Tips or advice to train your playe


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In my opinion, I tend to use my players' stats very subtly.


Goalkeepers: I train them in SK or GK (depending on the tactic I choose) in focal focus I usually train the lowest position of my goalkeeper


Defenses: If I usually use DC I usually train them in Tickets or passes if my tactic I use BPD and if it is the other way around I train them to my BPD is Air.


Full-backs: In this case I have doubts but I usually do that, if my full-backs are wingers I train them wingbacks with a tackling or placement approach and if they are wingbacks I usually train them as wingbacks with a focus on crosses. What opinions can you give me here?


Containment Midfielders: If I have defensive players I train them in BWM with a focal point in tackles but if they are creative I train them in RP and their focal point in Creativity. How do you train them?


Central Midfielders: Exactly the same as Holding Midfielders but if I see a player is BWM but doesn't have a good Air stat, I usually train them on BBM and focal point on Stamina or Placement. What do you do in this case?


Midfielder: In this case it is practical, the players who are Shadow Forward I train in Trequartista in a tactical Movement approach and if on the contrary it is Midfielder, my training that I usually do is as an Advanced Organiser. What do you think?


Wingers: In this case I have a lot of doubts, I usually train all of them as an inside striker with a focus on Movement (Do you usually train them in a different way than the focal point?), in the case I use natural Wingers I train them as a focal point for dribbling or crosses. (Any recommendation?)


Forwards: I am usually practical, all in full Forwards with a tactical approach Movement (although some tips that they usually do in these cases?)

Although honestly if he is usually my DLF player I train him in focal point of creativity.


Sorry for writing so much hahaha 😁

Have the freedom to express your training methods...

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Your training on FMM seems pretty normal. I'm mostly the same, so I'll skip the "I train wingers as wingers" and get to more interesting ones.


Well first thing is to go under settings and change player attribute highlighting to trained role. Personally I use the highlighted trained attributes to decide for each individual player, rather than box them into some sort of role.

For instance, this is how I train this player who is a pure creative player.


I run a DLP-B2B midfield 2 with an AP ahead of them, which places more need for a DLP with some defensive ability. So I train quite a number of them as a B2B with a focus on creativity (Bremer is on pace instead of creativity though)


Another good set of training attributes is Complete Forward with focus on dribbling



At peak nonsense, I've trained ST, AMCs and wide forwards with this. And honestly there's a lot of variation, fullbacks with CD + crossing focus or defenders training in various midfield roles

Have fun experimenting!

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