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Tactics My Humble Tactic


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This tactic led me to titles and won many leagues and you will be able to see in photos , which was trying to find the balance , use a tactic of 4- 1-2-2-1 this tactic was used and rescued several of you means that this tactic formulated after seeing so many other tactics that you posted it , and I really love to find out all the possibilities, hope you like it and they run the main ami if I run



I tell my experience as technical director , Manchester United 10 years after Wolfsburg six years , finally went back to Manchester City but as coach of the city is where I am 6 years now, and in those six years tmb called me the selection of Scotland , reaching the semifinal of Euro and lost , then rank the world and also reached the semi-final and lost against england and won the 3rd place against the Italian team , was champion mexico , that was it


Finally people if there is something that can improve this tactic please I want you to let me know , thank you very much , happy holidays








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Awesome tactic dude really enjoyed using it.

Had a great season with Liverpool winning BPL, capital one cup, FA cup and euro cup.  

Here's how we did 


Gonna try a season with Swansea, see how we get on

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On 12/23/2015 at 18:24, rodrigo22xT said:



That's A LOT of signings there. No wonder it works for you.

For me it fails after a few months of season start.

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