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Database file ?

Hello guys,

My everyday job is to analyze data through huge databases. I was wondering if some of you may have a FMM 2016 database in a file type that I could handle.
It may be :

  • .CSV
  • .TXT
  • .XML 
  • or any other format that a database could handle.

Is there such a file ? Or maybe one file by "first-selected" country?

I would like to try to work on such data and analyze it by country and be able to do some charts and graphs to create topics on Vibe.
My goal would be to write some articles about these analysis and share these to you !

Thanks in advance for your help !

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27 minutes ago, Toji said:

Oh, ok. 
In this case, is there any method to follow in order to search those files (through an Android device for instance) ? 

Thought rsevens player index did include attributes?

The files are proprietary format, there's no standard way to search through them.

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Proprietary format, seems logic.

I found online some files and that includes ".dat" files ?
Do you know if it exists a software which permits to read those files like an SQL tool could do ?

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Just now, rseven said:

I am very interesting in what you are doing. Cannot wait anymore!

Hehe, I'll try to do some work based on a merge of all your files.
If I find a way to analyze this quickly, I'll adapt it to each file you've provided. 
So we may have some analysis depending on the country you start with !

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