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Tactics I'm the Titus Bramble of management...


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Ok it's not actually as bad as in the title, but I normally prefer to try and work things out for myself rather than getting help... But I've been working on this for weeks and it's actually driving me insane that I can't sort my results out, despite the embarrassingly simple tactic I'm up against.

I'm playing as Portsmouth, got them to the championship easily enough with a combination of the tactics show below, usually starting with the 4-4-2 and then switching to 4-1-2-2-1 when things looked slippery. I used to play attacking and direct football but I now find that a balanced 4-4-2 with


Mixed Passing

Both Flanks passing

Mixed Goalie distribution

Normal tackling

Presssing, Counter attack

is killing me without fail, regardless of player roles in the actual formation it seems. I've tried playing with full backs and dropping both my wingers back but no joy. The only time I got a result was the switch from attacking and direct to balanced and mixed, but haven't been able to recreate that. Ive been on this for weeks and it feels like I've tried every combination of tactics possible. 

My players are definitely good enough so what's the crack? Ive tried everything that would work in real life to no avail. Starting to believe I've become a Magath-esque figure in the game, trying to heal my players with blocks of cheese (yeah he actually did that, to Hangeland ?) and maybe they've just lost faith in me...

plz plz help as I'm going to be sacked soon at this rate, the media vultures are circling... 

PS I'm using the enhanced match engine

PPS if you're playing as a league 2 team I cannot recommend Ismahil Akinade more, £85k a pop and he'll last you to the premier league mid table (if I ever get there). What a champ.

PPS also reccomend Robert Lopes, George Buckley and Sean Maguire. So yeah basically the entirety of Ireland...





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Have you tried tactics posted on here before or do you prefer working on developing your own...

I normally have had to rely on other posted tactics, though I did a couple of nice little tactics last season...2 variations of 3-6-1 and an interesting 4-3-2-1...I will have to try them sometime and see if they work for me this year

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I prefer to work my own out based on what I find in a squad when I first join, but they tended to stop working as the AI worked me out. Then I'd come on here and find a post with a similar formation and get tips from seeing what their tactics they used. It worked up till now but I swear I've been on every 4-4-2 page on this site and still not worked it out ?

I ended up switching to a 4-2-3-1 and focus sing on possession so defensive, short passing, focus on the flanks... Stopped conceding any shots at all but also killed all attacking from us so I changed to short passing from the keeper to draw them out and I switched on counter attack to get some goals. If that didn't work then I went back to the 4-1-2-2-1 but with a Target Man and long balls forward to get late goals... So yeah route 1 football and I feel awful about it but it worked! ? Ground out the results and back on track... Ish. 

So I haven't really fixed it so much as worked around it... Im considering overhauling the squad and playing 5 at the back if I don't get a solution soon, really miss my 4-4-2 though ?

Marxi I'd like your opinion: does the position of my BPD relative to my AP have much effect on the way my attacks are structured? I thought we were giving too much away from stupid passes from the back, so switched the BPD but I couldn't see a difference....

Also my poacher in the 4-4-2 and my BWM in the 4-1-2-2-1 are completely invisible in matches now, constant 6 rating. I reckon the poacher might be clashing with the IF but everyone on here seems to have no trouble with it ? I can only hope the BWM is getting a 6 because everyone else is defending so well? ?



TLDR: not as desperate but I'm still looking for any advice anyone can offer

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DMs in the game normally get poor ratings no matter what role you play them and for the poacher try setting him as the primary  striker to involve him more in the game

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