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Tactics 4231 Domination


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This is my working 4231 EME tactic i created with amazing and consistent results. Tested with Napoli and Man Utd on the same save with brilliant results. **You may not win every games 5 or 6 nil but a win is a win**

Started the game with Napoli and won Serie A, Italian cup and UEL, only adding Marcelo Meli from Boca to my existing squad. Then mid way through the 2nd season LVG got the sack at Man Utd, my name was linked so i applied and got the job. Managed to finish in the top 4 and won the CL. The following full season we won the league unbeaten and every trophy except European super cup (lost to Inter) my only defeat the entire season.

Please try and let me know how it goes.







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That's my preferred tactic and I try to implement it in every team I manage. Used it with A.C Milan and Carpi in the Italian Serie A and Modena in the Serie B and I got the same result

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On Friday, May 06, 2016 at 12:09, vbase said:

Can you tell more about your squad and their performances, specially for Manchester United?

@vbase here's my squad for my full first season. Screenshot_2016-05-02-09-46-36.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-05-02-09-46-44.thumb.png

I signed Louis Reed, Perrzuzi, Gundogan(£15.5m bargain as he out of favour at Dortmund) and Renaldi. Then added Llorente,Dani Sanchez and Miguel Jimenez based on scouting reports.

This tactics enables the team not concede too many and a good return from my players upfront too. De gea was immense in goal conceding only 31 in 61 games and even managed 2 assists.


Upfront i had Martial, Depay , Wilson, Texeira and Carlos Vela ( bothd signed by LVG), Januzaj and Mata tapping in the goals. 

Here are a few screenshotsScreenshot_2016-05-02-09-57-16.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-05-02-09-58-10.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-05-02-09-53-40.thumb.png


5 hours ago, ministryofsillywalks said:

@Dan Cobby - well done!

Do you change anything when you're infront or behind?

Who did you sign in the 2nd season for Man Utd?

I don't change much when if I'm in front except rotating my important players. When I'm losing halfway through the 2nd half I would change to attacking and push the 2 IFs further up.

For my 3rd season i was given £84m kitty following my clearout so just splashed out £66m on Bale and he's been amazing so far.


My next target is for a decent job to come up in Germany or Spain to carry on my domination.


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