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Chat An error occured while trying to download the data

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Hi All

I have an rooted android phone and use ES File explorer to regularly clear cache data from the phone to ensue it has sufficient space and keep it clean and fast, however I think this has issues with FMH2016 and since I have done this I not longer able to access the game. It says you need to redownload the player data but when I try this I am getting an error which says 

"An error occured while trying to download the data, please check your connection and indicate if you wish to try again".

When looking at the file structure I noticed the game.cfg and save games were still available in the file system so I backed these up and uninstalled the game from Play store, removed any fmh related files from the phone and installed it fresh like it was a new device, it downloaded the app ok from playstore but I am getting the same error when it is trying to download the files.

Wifi is working so I now have a connection to download the file.

Does anyone know what this could be? I had this problem some time ago and the only way to fix it was to completely reset my phone so it wiped all data and then install from fresh FMH2016 from playstore, then it worked ok. I really dont want to do this again though as it means I need restore all the rest of my apps and games which takes some time. 

Things I have tried already are:

1. Whilst game was installed, rebooted into recovery and deleted cache data and dalvik cache.
2. Restarted phone back up, and started fmh2016 and got the confirm data download screen but when trying to download player pictures got the error again. 
3. Uninstalled fmh2016, rebooted phone again into recovery, did the deletion of cache data and dalvik cache. 
4. rebooted phone again, installed fmh2016 fresh from playstore but same problem. 

The game is installed on the default internal memory, I have tried to move it to the external SD card but have the same issue. In fact I always had issues moving FMH2016 to external SD card and get the same error I am getting now. 

Are there some files relating to fmh2016 which I am not aware off which could be preventing re-installation? 

Appreciate any responses!


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God knows mate tbh everything I'd suggest you've already done 

It normally will be an issue with either space or connection to Internet try on a 3g/4g connection 

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