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Help I need a new team to love the game again


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Hello everyone 

i allways choose liverpool but i lost the love to the game I dominated everything too fast i need a new team to play with !

help me choose a team with good history or traditions or a team with special anything 

i have in mind :

1: millwall

2; portsmouth

3: plymouth

4: blackpool


what do you think ?

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Try Blackburn instead. They have had a demise under their current owners, and lots of managers since their downfall from the pl. Try to get them into the PL or even better, the Champions League.

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How about going touring?


Some suggestions:


Spain - Real Oviedo,Racing Santander or Recreativo Huelva(all fallen giants of recent times)


Italy - Parma(fallen giant), Bari(Boro on steroids) or Catania(can you revive them after their scandal?)


France - Red Star(IRL,they went from 5th to rock bottom of Ligue 2;can you get them promoted instead?) or Auxerre(fallen somewhat-giant)


Germany - Hansa Rostock(they should NOT be in 3.Liga) or 1860 Munich(can you wrest dominance of the city away from Bayern?)

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Alternately, as Zak said, get out of the English leagues. I would recommend picking one of the challenges on here which takes you around a few countries or pick a small country and try to dominate the major international competitions with them (e.g. a Polish team and try to win the Champions League or for a real challenge try to win it with a Welsh team, although be prepared to put a lot of seasons into that!).

I always used to just pick the smallest club in the lowest league in a country and then try to dominate, takes a while but you'll generally get there. 

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