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Career Bottom to Top challenge - own club


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After winning everything in 2023 with Nottingham Forest, I decided to start a new career. Taking a team from the lowest english division (Vanarama North) All the way up! 

I wanted to do this with some home flavour, so i decided i would use the create my club option and just re-name and re-brand a club into my local home town club. 

The victim club was Alfreton Town - seeing as geographically they are the closest to my actual town where I live.

My club is now graciously named Annesley United.

Backroom Staff

the backroom staff was lacking in depth, No physio's only 1 scout and only 2 coaches. So my first port of call was to hire my staff.

I decided to let go of one of my the older coaches to make was for the Neville brothers, Gary and phill... welcome to Annesley United, I maneged to hire a silver badge scout and two other bronze physio's


I made some pretty important transfers and a couple of later loans to fill my weak positions and bolster my squad ready for the first season ahead.


Will Hoskings and Derek Asamoah being my highlights

Season soo far

We are off to a flying start to the season, Topping the league by 4 points with only 1 very narrow loss soo far.Unknown-2.thumb.png.8496e948dca2a20f388724037f2ab465.png



Im enjoying the sight of green soo far



I Will update as the season progresses! let me know if you want to see more! (its the first ive done of one of these so be kind)

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Just finished my first two seasons... heres a brief overview

Vanarama league north

I forgot to get many screenshot of the results, but we gained promotion by winning the league by 5 points and gaining that vital first season promotion.


Vanarama National

the season literally drawn to a close, We was first but seem'd to loose the confidence to hold out a game.

We managed to win promotion via the play-offs in a spectacular final win! 


FA Trophy

on our last chance at winning this trophy before moving onto bigger things, we manage to knock blyth out of the way in the final to secure the FA Trophy for Annesley United

League two here we come!!



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Update 2....

League Two

Quick summary.... Won the league by 6 Points, Lost only 4 games with 141 goals for.


And impressively got 4 players in the top 12 league goal scorers! With wonder signing James Wilson (free) topping the table!



Checkatrade EFL Trophy

We managed to clinch the trophy on our first attempt in the competition. Managed to beat league 1 outfit MK Dons 3-2 in the final!


Onto league One! Intensions are yet again for an instant promotion and hopefully get some a change or two against the big wigs in the premier league in the league and the FA Cup!




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Half way summary

So after 3 consecutive promotions and Two Cup wins, We are half way to my target of winning the premier league and more!

League One season is finally upon us.

Here are my manager stats so far, Really enjoying this soo far and cant wait to get to the Premier league!


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