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I play a 4-1-2-2-1 with many tactics I've seen in the tactics section but seem to keep loosing or drawing to opponents much much weaker than my team? Can someone help with some better ones? 

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@Giffen it's not as simple as saying Help with my Tactics, there are so many considerations, OME or EME, what role are you choosing for your players, LD, CD or BPD could be an issue, what type of role are you asking your right and left defenders, are they expected to run the full length of the pitch leaving big gaps in your formation, or do you expect them to sit back. Playing players in roles they are not suited to, example an DLP in a AM role for example, what is your Morale like, are your player 100% fitness or are you playing them below 80% for argue sake?

Read some of the Tactics being offered from the Vibers, maybe test half a season with one, if it works use it, otherwise go back to the drawing board, tinker, and try again, i'm sure you will invent your own eventually that fits everything your trying to achieve, believe me there are sooooo many out there that work really well depending on your team and league your playing

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