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Help Problem Signing Players


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Hi all, after installing the new update, I have experienced a problem when trying to sign players - free agents in particular, since I prefer Lower League Management.

To describe the problem, when I try to sign Player A, for example, who wants £140 a week for 2 years, the player would reject my offer when I offered him £140 for 2 years, and no matter what I do (for example hike up the wage to the maximum (e.g. £500 per week), and add in a signing bonus and inserting every available clause), the player would still reject the offer, and wind up at another club at a lower wage than what I offered.

Furthermore, these players that I'm trying to sign are the same players that I managed to sign in previous save games that I played during the older versions of the game.

Is anyone experiencing the same problem, and is there any way to solve this problem? This problem is really affecting my ability to start new saves.

Thank you and have a great day!

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I'm having the exact same problem and especially with free agents. However in my save a player will ask for example 8k a week for 3 years, when I offer him that he'll decline. I offered double the wage and he still declined, then went somewhere else on around 30k a week. I thought maybe something has gone wrong with what the player is asking for vs what they'll actually accept if that makes sense. For example a player might ask for anything between 8-12k a week but will only accept an offer between 25-30k.

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Yes I’ve noticed this too since last update. I actually like it though cos it’s made it a better challenge and I’m not totally sure yet but I think maybe you get a slightly better transfer budget which gives you ability to actually buy some players. I’m in my second season with Halifax and after winning the vamarama north and league trophy I got 250k budget which I thought was ok. I bought few players and got a couple of free transfers and loans and I’ve got a good team going into new season which I’ve played 3 and won 3 quite comfortably. I had two years in Wales first with Carmarthen and won league twice and  the welsh cup and mg cup in the second season.  I only used free transfers then and noticed I couldn’t get as many as I’d like. I used tactic I used before update too and got good results but it wasn’t quite so deadly. My new tactic seems better I think

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