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Help Mentalities and what they mean

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Just wondering if anyone knows whether when you go up or down the mentalities in FMM18, it automatically increases/decreases things like width, tempo, closing down and defensive line, as it does in the full fat and touch versions of the game?

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Played FMM16 & 17, gave it a break this year but thinking of buying FMM19. Just had a look at the new features for ‘18 and saw they’ve added the full range of mentalities plus some of the team instructions from the full game. 

I remember from last playing the last version of the full game, FM15, and remember how just buy switching mentality it automatically adjusted many of the team instructions up or down, like width or tempo etc. Then if you added for example ‘play wider’ or ‘play narrower’, it would have an extra effect on top of what the base mentality has already done behind the scenes.

I was wondering if that is now the case in FMM also, but from what you’re saying it’s not. So is it the case that there is no difference in the width, tempo etc between the contain mentality and the overload mentality? And the only way to change these things is through the new separate settings, is that right?

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Yes, so if you have a narrow width it would remain as narrow even on contain or overload and vice-versa. I like the sound of what you’re saying to be honest, because I’m reality the more defensive you play the narrower your width becomes and the same can be said with attacking teams playing with width. Unfortunately to my knowledge, that is not the case in this years  edition 

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Fair enough, I’ll take your word for that as you’ve played the game this year and I haven’t. Thanks for the advice. To be honest I think this sort of thing should be made clearer in the instructions for the game. 

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