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Career Challenge - North Korea wins AFC Nations Cup


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So, I wanted a fresh challenge and decided that North Korea would be an interesting save. North Korea's team were present in World Cup 2010 in South Africa and thought that although they gave 100%, ultimately they lacked a lot of quality. Could i win one competition with them?


North Korea start the game as 118th Football Team in the world. This emphasises the countries place in football as lacking quality. When i came to North Korea as Manager, none of their players were worth over £1million.

 In my file, I have been using my Tiki Taka system. I wanted North Korean football to progress and look attractive, not just to be effective. The process of improving North Korea was still going to be long considering you can not train players.

I hold a different Management style with National Teams which are as follows:

Friendlies: I play my normal Tiki Taka style all game whether winning or losing. I only make subs at half time if Fitness is under 70% or players are below 6 rating.

Competitions:I play my normal Tiki Taka style until half time.IF winning i amend my mentality to Counter and Slow tempo whereas IF losing i get the team to play Attacking football with a fast tempo . I only make subs at half time if Fitness is under 70% or players are below 6 rating.

I have so far got to the Semi Finals of my first AFC Nations Cup & the second round of the 2022 World Cup. The 2023 AFC Nations Cup came around and i was positive and excited. The team was full of players worth over £1million - Could we do it?

My hard work as manager had also got the team to the 29th World Ranking in the world. This is a remarkable achievement for North Korean Football. The hard work along with quality gave us the opportunity of real success.


Soo, This is the story of 2023 AFC Nations Cup. We started slow with a loss to Syria but sprung back with back to back wins. We had a fantastic tournement with lots of Character 


The video below shows the AFC Nations Cup Final between North Korea and Japan.  I played Japan in the first AFC Nations Cup for 3rd place and lost on that occassion. This was going to be very close and I was not optimistic. You can see my process below but what a great game!



There you go,  I managed to get North Korean Football team to win a major tournement. This file has been such a challenge as well as very rewarding to see the world ranking creeping up slowly.  This makes me happy in 2 ways, Firstly, it really proved to me that my process was perfect- moving the ranking in the right direction! Secondly, it was so good to see the Tiki Taka style come to life and see the team really getting it! 

Below shows the competition stats:




getImage (1)

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Thank you so much for your kind words Ashez! I have decided to leave the North Korea save file. This being said, I have left the Nation on a relatively strong high- These are:

  • 60.94% Win Rate
  • 1x AFC Nations Cup
  • 9th World Ranking

Screenshot_20180729-194301_FMM 2018.jpg

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