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Tactics Michael Ballacks Balls - 3232


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Hello there fellow vibers :)!

I have created a tactic, close to what have worked for me, two seasons ago.

Michael Ballack wanted the ball and he wanted the goals! We want the ball and the goals. Lets go!

I have testet it in 3 clubs so far. Leverkusen, Lyon ( clear of relegation challenge ) and in Udinese, only to proof that it dosnt work with sloppy and poor defending 😎😂

What works so far is. GOALS AND possesion. If you dont have the larger amount of the ball, alter things one after one, start with going attacking mode. With a good team you will score easily 2-3 goals a game in the regular setup.

Ignore this if you have a great offensive :)! What does NOT work yet. 3 centerbacks and a regular GK, if you are a poor/average team.  i have been thinking alot about the roles at the back, so i you the reader, have testet the tactic and find a solution, please bring it to the table. 

I hope you enjoy the tactic, and if you have good advice, im looking forward to hear them. A good advice is NOT making the tactic less offensive  :)

best regards Anders










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Thanks - trying to develop on it at the moment :)! In the old days Ozymandias, Taff and i used to lay out tactics like this in the forum :)!

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