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Rossi Challenge


In the 1982 World Cup hosted in Spain Paolo Rossi scored six goals to help Italy win their third World Cup (at the time).

With his six goals he won the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball for being the best player of the tournament.

A couple of years prior to the tournament Rossi was involved in the infamous 1980 betting scandal known in Italy as Totonero which resulted in him being banned for two years. He’s always maintained that he was innocent and the victim of an injustice.

Anyway he only returned to club football for Juventus towards the end of the 1981-82 season and scored one goal in three games to help them win the Serie A title.

After his long layoff he was largely described as being in poor shape but was still called up to the national team for the 1982 World Cup.

Italy manager Enzo Bearzot decided to play him in Italy’s three group games at the World Cup and they drew all of them whilst looking poor. The media and fans weren’t impressed with Rossi and he was described by one as a “ghost aimlessly wandering over the field”.

The manager however stuck with him and he repaid that faith with a hat trick against Brazil in a 3-2 victory in the second group stage at the Estadi de Sarria stadium which was the then home stadium of Espanyol. He then added another brace in the Semi-Final against Poland in a 2-0 win that would set up a mouth watering Final against Germany.

They won the Final 3-1 with Rossi getting the opening goal.

The challenge is to take a new Italian striker called Rossi and get him to tear it up at Espanyol under your tutorship. 

To celebrate Paulo Rossi’s hat trick against Brazil bonus points will be awarded for any hat tricks he gets.

Here is the young Rossi that you have to use.


The Rules:

  • Load up FMM and select either the November or February database.
  • Select the Spanish and Italian leagues and any other two you fancy.
  • Take over Espanyol and sign Alessandro Rossi from Lazio.
  • You can make any other transfers you wish.
  • Get Alessandro Rossi to score as many goals at Espanyol as you can in all competitions.
  • For simplicity NO international goals count.
  • Own tactics only.
  • No editing or custom databases.
  • No reloading.
  • Evidence will be required so why not start a career thread for us to follow.


  • Number of goals Alessandro Rossi scores for Espanyol under your management. 
  • 10 bonus points for every hat trick he scores with screenshots required. Anything over a hat trick is still just 10 points, for example if he scores 6 goals in a game it’s not counted as two hat tricks.

Have fun


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