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Career From the ashes to rebirth

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So decided to have a 3rd game running along my 2 other saves to keep my mind busy after having the snip on sat. Massive club, so any help with tactics etc would be of massive help. I tend to recoup money and never really like splashing out on wages/transfer fees. So let's begin this massive task. Wish me luck :) we just have scrapped the transfer windows like the olden days :)

Screenshot_20190506-191906_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-191915_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-191838_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-191859_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

So got rid of the GK coach and brought this chap in

Screenshot_20190506-192441_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Got this tactic to start with so see how we get on

Screenshot_20190506-192642_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

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This player has some proper potential! Training him up as a CM and got 2 goals against A.Madrid

Screenshot_20190506-202157_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-202352_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

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So far so good, doing really well on all fronts after a slow ish start to the season. Youngsters are doing extremely well and will probably get more game time

Screenshot_20190506-203748_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-203757_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-203738_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-203806_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-203812_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-210732_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-210743_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-210829_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

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One of the best seasons I have had on FM19, extremely happy with how the season finished and will be looking for more of the same next season :)

Screenshot_20190506-235917_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-235930_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-235907_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190507-000006_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190507-000017_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20190506-235947_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

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