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Career KN Journeyman!

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The concept;

So I was trying the long way to the top, but I’ve  decided to stop that, because I’ve got a new idea for a career mode. 


I thought why not start a career to countries I’ve been to in the last few years, only can do the last few years because FMM 19 isn’t big enough to do all the countries that I’ve been to in my life, so last years will be the start.


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿- England (Where I live and from)

🇵🇹- Portugal (Went on holiday last year)

🇪🇸- Spain (Literally off there in two weeks)


England; I’m from Yorkshire, Leeds, but I’ll be taking over any club in Yorkshire and Humber since it’s huge. I could choose places like Liverpool, Aston Villa, Nottingham, Blackpool, or Carlisle, because I’ve been to all of them within the last 2/3 years, but I thought some of those choices would be too easy. 


Portugal; I went Albufeira last year and Quarteira the year before, so I’ll be choosing a team from the Algarve area. I’ve listed a photo below so you can see what’s available. 


Spain; I’m off there in like two weeks, I will be off to a place near Almeria. 


My idea was to start a career mode in one of the countries above as a nobody, like real life and try make myself one of the best managers in the world. However that’s not the end of my idea; I wanted to make the career mode interesting with not only footballing issues, with some life issues as well, so for example, finding a property so we are close to the football team and so on...

I have listed two photos of the teams in Portugal (Algarve Area) and the Yorkshire and Humberside map so you get understand of which teams I can choose form that moment, (this could change down the line). 


I’ve listed some photos of the football clubs in Portugal and Almeria for their training and youth facilities as well as their stadium capacities. I’ve not listed any of the Yorkshire and Humberside teams, because there are loads of teams, but if you would like me to start with a Yorkshire team than let me know. 


That’s right guys (and gals) I’m letting you pick the team.








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