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Career Donald-Breel Embolo 1k challenge attempt

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Welcome everyone to my first challenge attempt and I'll be doin the most famous challenge the 1k goals challenge


I'll be using PSG as my club and this guy as my striker:Screenshot_2019-06-16-22-38-36.thumb.png.259f703efb8409bbf75f503d52b750f0.png

Yes he's 21 so I'll make it as few season as possible and that stamina is the most important because he'll be playing every match possible

PSG squad is also a big let down right now. A huge rebuild needed. Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani will have to say goodbye to Parc des Princes.

A few players that won't fit like Thiago Silva will need to pack his bag either.

I wouldn't upload consistently, Sorry!

See ya!

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Hey guys!

What a disappointing season we've had. Embolo only managed to score 25 goals + 2 international goals

Missing 10 games due to injury and couldn't play consistent match because of his low stamina is a real let down.

The league is also a big disaster at the end while losing every cups is also pretty much terrible. 

Well.... @Nucleus get a 23 years-old Mitrovic to pass this challenge why can't 21 years-old Embolo do this 😁


As the saying goes "When there's a will there's a way"


"Football is something that happens day by day, we can't decide our future"

- David Silva






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F up because staying up late night
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1 hour ago, smoggy90 said:

Good luck, hopefully your second season will go better. With the players you have brought in you should have no problem scoring more goals.

Thanks for the support mate! Good luck on your son's 1kc either

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