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Tactics 3-2-3-1-1 Revitalizing MuRtOn’s Famous Tactic [OME]


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So I hadn’t played FMM (or FMH as I remember it) in about five years, but decided to buy FMM2019 because why not. I have been having a lot of fun playing other than the fact the game erases my sell on clause when I sell a player. 

Regardless, I have been playing around with a tactic that I used a lot in FMH2014 and I have gotten it to be pretty dominant in FMM2019.

Without further ado:



Please ignore the CM role in this picture, I was experimenting when I took the screenshot and have had better results with APM-BBM-APM in the midfield.



I really hope that you guys will test this out for yourselves and see if you have the same success or even find ways to make it better. I’m a little rusty, but this tactic has helped me to three straight promotions in my first three season and I think it’s really high quality.





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5 hours ago, mblewis said:

What do you think?

Looks good. Can you show some match stats??


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