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Career AZ Alkmaars' Talent factory

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This is my first career, so I hope you enjoy it. Give some tips in the comments please! ❤

I was looking for a club to use for a 5+ year career mode. I'm a great fan of Calvin Stengs and Myron Boadu, so I started a career mode with AZ Alkmaar

AZ'S stadium is the Afas Stadium, they played the most matches this season at Den Haag in the Cars-Jeans stadium, because of problems with there own stadium. 

I've set some goals to reach: 

Season one: sell your 27+ players, only Bizot and Ron Vlaar can stay at the club.  Loan the Players out that won't play, to another club in the Netherlands. Otherwise store them at Jong AZ. 

Qualify for Europe and end 1st of 2nd in the groupstage. 

& 2nd place in the Eredivisie. 

Season 2: 

First upgrade the stadium, we don't want a ruin again.

Qualify for Champions League, 1st place in the Eredivisie. 

Use Berete, or loan him out. 

Season 3:

sell 2 of your starting eleven players. Replace them with youth players or buy players from the Eredivisie or the Second division. 

Survive the groupstages in the CL, if you placed third you have to win the EL, if you placed 1st or 2nd you need to reach the Quarters of the CL. 


I'm gonna post daily updates from my career! Enjoy

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3 hours ago, GianniVesparinni said:

Veel succes, er is genoeg talent beschikbaar in Alkmaar! 

Thanks, i hope to scout/produce some hidden gems to use! Thanks for your reaction

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