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Tactics 3-1-4-2 Tactic


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Hello everybody.


Today im trying to present tactic after winter update. Its not 38 win tactic, but it works.

Tested with Inter Milan and Genoa. 

I used Inter to create it, and Genoa to do a little test. If you can improve it, feel free to do it and please share your opinions.


So I want to descibe my first season with Inter. I always plays without budgets in summer transfer window. As you can see my first defeat was agains Juventus, my only really clear defeat (result was tweaked tactic even more). In other defeats, it come as result of injuries( especially Lukaku, thats why i loaned Abraham on winter), or little luck. Especially Real Madrid, where i simply couldnt get one goal on Santiago Bernabeu. And Juve stealed my cup on penaltys. I sold Skiniar because i dont want to have unhappy players in my team. 














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I like the look of this, I’ll give it a try for sure .... how did your defensive wingers get on though? I’ve found throughout that I struggle to get much from them in way of goals or assists? 

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Quick update after playing 10 games ... seems pretty solid at the back but struggling to score goals! Took over Leipzig and unfortunately lost Werner straight away due to release clause so who knows if it would have made a differnce, only player I brought in was his replacement and he has done okay but not getting any contribution from elsewhere, will stick with it and maybe tweak the forward roles to suit ... tbc 


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