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Help 2019 Tactic | Testers NEEDED

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Umm, let's begin with formalities first... Hello hope you guys are doing well, Soo i've been wanting to post this for awhile, just didn't have time to do it. So as you can tell by the title, i would like for you guys this tactic that i've been using in the 19 version which i hope would work on this year's version too

So i'll just leave it with the screenshot below, mostly the tactics and performances of key players and some highlight of the matches i managed to obtain ( only 2 sorry, just begin season 4 and forgot to ss the other seasons ). If you can and willing, you could write an article about it, and i hope that it could be useful for you guys playing on this year's version. Just don't forget to include me on the article itself lol...

Also quick note on the tactic, only USE run at defence if you have Players that are highly capable of dribbling and have decent decision-making as it'll drastically affect how the team plays, if you don't have those types of players then i'd suggest either just use the work into box instruction or use that with through balls

P.S : feel free to experiment it with either big or small clubs. If you have any opinion you want to share you could msg me or write it down the comments below.

Thanks and have a nice day everyone!  🙏🙏


















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