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Tactics Invincible Wolfsburg, [4-3-3 tactic]


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Here‘s how I won the Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and the Europa League with VFL Wolfsburg in the first Season. I have neither bought nor sold player, i took some inspiration from Jürgen Klopp [Liverpool] and tried to use his tactic on Wolfsburg, it‘s the best tactic I have ever used.

  • GK need to be overall solid
  • BPD need to be good in passing, pace and aerial
  • WB need to be good in pace, stamina and crossing 
  • DLP need to be good in passing and creativity 
  • AP need to be good in shooting, creativity and movement
  • IF need to be good in pace, dribbling and shooting 
  • PF need to be good in movement, aerial and strength 

Also as you can see I had an A Team and a B Team to be able to play with my best players with full condition. 


  • Bundesliga Games against Place 12-18 
  • DFB Pokal against Bundesliga 15-18 and against 2.Bundesliga ; 3 Liga ; Regionalliga (4th)
  • Some group games in the Europa League


  • All close ; important games 

If you wonder something else, let me know. Also let me know if you tried this tactic and how it went.


















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19 hours ago, moio5 said:

Seems to be a great tactic!

Which tactical style do you use? (Tiki Taka, Gegenpress...)

And what about set pieces?

I made my own tactical style and didn’t use one of the recommended but it’s based on gegenpress.

Corners: near post ; My PF is on „Attack near post“ ; my BPD are on „Attack Ball from Edge of Area“ ; Takers: Maximilian Arnold and Felix Klaus

Freekicks: shoot on sight ; Takers: Maximilian Arnold and Felix Klaus


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12 hours ago, Dagustinus710 said:

How many your strikers could score a goal? Is Pressing Forward role good enough?

So Wout weghorst was my best striker he played 65% of the matches in the Bundesliga and managed to Score 35 Goals. 

Im not sure if deep lying forward or pressing forward is better, the point is that on pressing forward weghorst scored around 10 goals by stealing the ball from a defender.

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20 hours ago, Leon.lopez said:

Angoli: vicino al palo; Il mio PF è su "Attack near post"; i miei BPD sono su "Attack Ball from Edge of Area"; Raccoglitori: Maximilian Arnold e Felix Klaus

the rest of the players what do you put?

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4 hours ago, FedeQuinta said:

the rest of the players what do you put?

One is on Lurk outside area [Guilavogui] my Wb are on stay back bc they are fast. The rest is on stay back if needed.

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1 hour ago, Duru said:

Great success.  I'm starting to try.  Thanks for sharing.

I use it with Wolves now, fresh start, finished 3rd in my first season! The only thing i change is counter/control/balanced/attacking depending on opponent and situation during match. Everything else stays untouched.

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