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Chat We need a way to train set-pieces


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So my juventus career mode is in a bit of a problem with dybala leaving for juventus and ronaldo retiring next season, I don't have any designated Pen and fk taker in the team. I have mario as my backup of my backup striker who scores penalties easily but am still struggling with finding a proper midfield player who can whip in a good ball for set pieces.


I love that I can now see the stars indicating how good someone is at fk or pens but the inability to even see this in scout reports is becoming an issue. I am now completely depended on waiting for a regen to do the job for me as I don't see any pattern of finding a set piece taker.


This could be solved with training where even if it took years(like Messi) I would happily do it but that option is not there in the game still. 

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