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Tactics The Unstoppable Tower! 3-1-2-1-3 (3 ST) - bobo13


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I am back with a new fresh and very good tactic!

After 2 years with Dortmund i moved on to Chelsea. First 2 season i played with the one from Dortmund( you can check it out in the tactic index), but then i wanted to change and try a new one. The third season started really bad with experimental tactics, which all failed, until i discovered this gem!!

The formation is really solid and still have no loss with it! I have only 1 draw and it was because i was playing with teenagers.

I would suggest that if you are going to use it, to sell every fullback you have and all wingers(maybe not the one who can play as ST). Best team for starting with the formation: Milan, Borussia m'gladbach, Herta Berlin, they don’t have a lot of wingers( i think😃)

Suggested players:

GK-Doesn’t need to look for specific attributes;

CB- Normal CB( Look for pace, strength, Tackling and Arial);

BPD- Pace,Passing, Tackling and if you can get someone with good arial;

BWM- Simple BWM will work( Arial, Strength, positioning and tackling)

BBM- All blue and green will work fine;

AP - This one is your key player.Try to get the best AP as you can(depends on your finances) there are a lot of good ones for good prices!

PF- To be really honest, it doesn't matter it just have to be a Striker( you can try and experiment yourself. All of my 7 Strikers work great there.

P- A simple “P” with good pace and shooting. Again as the AP, the best you can get.

I won nearly everything, sadly i lost the “Community  shield” and the Carabao Cup at the start of season 3, because i started using this formation in about December of 2024. 

Top goalscorer in PL and CL - Timo Werner

Top Assists in PL and CL - Kai Havertz - 11 and 6

I hope you like it and i hope it does wonders for you and your team!

Have a nice day , from Bobo13!😁











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On 28/01/2021 at 16:46, Galia said:

Lol! The old CM Itália/England(1990) tactic! Nice find!

thanks, and it works rly well,but only with big teams

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