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Chat Advice for defending corners


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Has anyone got any advice for successfully defending corners. I have my best aerial players defending tall players and the next best front and back post. What else do people do?

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I haven’t done much on corners but I usually do the same as you in that I get the two best aerial guys to mark tall players which is usually our two centre backs. I don’t go for good aerial players for the posts though but maybe I should, it’s usually say the two full backs or wide players I put there. Usually keep three players forward with at least two being fast players and one being a more creative type. I have one player closing down the corner and the rest are just set to stay back. Not fantastic I don’t think but it has tightened us up a bit on my latest long term save since I started with this as at the beginning I just left it at default which was a bit ridiculous as on my tactic it had the two wide players marking the tall players which made no sense.

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