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Career Wazza's Days at Derby - Badge 7

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Wazza's Days at Derby - Badge 7


Being a Man Utd fan I was really excited to do this as Rooney has been a long time servant of our club and been one of my favourite players in the dark ages since Fergie left. I enjoyed this a lot. So here is my attempt at Badge 7...

(P.S: I forgot to take the screenshots for transfers and started the next season.)


So we managed the benchmark by getting promoted to the Premier League. It was a tough season managing a team in the Championships without an experienced Striker but Arezo stepped up in the final matches. So... all hail Lord Arezo.


91 points it is. (I know its a low score but no strikers and injuries had me on strings.)


All hail LORD AREZO...

Shrek's Stats


7 goals & 21 assists is quite disappointing by him even though he was a Trequartista. Shrek disappointed me here but he'll always be a legend for me.


7 goal - 7 points

21 assist - 21 points

91 points on the table - 91 points

Total: 119 points

Low score but we managed the benchmark and I enjoyed the challenge. Thanks for reading.


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26 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Looks like you built the team around Arezo instead 😂.

Jokes aside it’s a good score still.

He is LORD AREZO after all. Jokes aside thanks man.

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