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Fun/Games Get Crazy!!

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On every challenge and game around here you see the rules of "no unlockables, no reloading, no cheating" and I understand it but most of the times you can't actually know if they will cheat or not... so why not embrace it? If everybody is cheating, nobody is cheating, right?

This game is simple and straight forward: there are 3 rounds of 10 minutes each, you will get a simple task and you have to record your screen for 10 minutes while doing it. You can do whatever you want: you can reload, you can put Sugar Daddy or any unlockables, anything!!! 



The rules are simple.

  1. Records your screen for 10 minutes and send it to me.
  2. No editor
  3. Get any team you like, from any of the available league. Any reputation, any badge, any unlockables... Any what you want. 
  4. You are not allowed to ask question about the task, here or in private. Anyone who is asking questions about the task is disqualified. Just do what ever you want, if you can think of it, is allowed. 
  5. Get creative, get crazy! 


I will put up the first task tomorrow 8:00 PM (GMT aka London Time). You don't need to register, just send the video when you are ready. 


There is also a prize, the winner of each round will get a custom player profile with his name, photo, this favorite club and all the attributes and values he wants. 




I just can not wait to see who is texting you 🤣


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Week 1 Challenge


Get as many league goals you can! 

Your recording must start with the league standings when you have 0 matches played. 


After 10 minutes you need to show the league standings again. Most GF wins! 

Remember, record your screen for 10 minutes, anything is allowed and no questions asked.

Send the video here via PM or put it in a cloud (gDrive, Dropbox, One Drive, Apple Cloud etc) and send me the link. 

Deadline: Tuesday, 23rd March, 8:00 GMT

Get creative, get crazy! 

Edited by George Traistă
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