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  1. 🌟 **Reliving Legends: Celebrating Football's Greatest Icons** 🌟 Step into the rich history of football and celebrate the legendary figures who have shaped the beautiful game. "Reliving Legends" is your chance to honor the giants of football and relive their unforgettable moments. 🏆 **Tribute to the Greats**: From Pele and Maradona to Messi and Ronaldo, this event highlights the incredible achievements and lasting legacies of football's most iconic players. 🎉 **Dive into Football History**: Enjoy interactive exhibits, exclusive interviews, and captivating highlights that showcase the brilliance of these legendary athletes. ⚽ **Join the Action**: Sign up at https://discord.com/invite/pjP8PXxF to participate in our team selection event! Choose your dream team from around the world and compete in a friendly tournament to demonstrate your football knowledge and skills. Don't miss this unique opportunity to celebrate the magic, passion, and unforgettable moments that define football. "Reliving Legends" is more than an event; it's a tribute to the enduring spirit of the game. Be a part of history! ✨
  2. After watching my team score this I thought how about requesting yall to share your best goals in lower leagues Blyth_tikitaka.mp4
  3. 🚨 *Breaking News: Premier League Shakeup!* 🚨 🔥 Big Changes After Money Scandal 🔥 Hold onto your seats, because the Premier League is in for a major makeover! There's been a huge money scandal that's rocked the football world. Say goodbye to the old club owners – they're out due to all the trouble. Now, get ready for a fresh start with super-rich new bosses who've got tons of money to spend on their teams. 🌟 *Fixing Things Up* 🌟 Things got messy with the money stuff, and the league needed a clean-up. That's where a group of passionate new owners come in. They want to make things better and fix the mess left behind. 🛡️ *Powerful People in Charge* 🛡️ These new owners are not like the old ones. They're super rich and ready to shake things up. They've got a lot of money, and they're not afraid to use it to make their teams the best. It's like a whole new game! ⚽ *Your Turn to Shine* ⚽ You're right in the middle of all this excitement. As one of the new owners, you've got the chance to make big decisions for your club. Who to bring onto the team, who to partner with for sponsorships – it's all up to you. This is your moment to show what you've got! 🏟️ *What's Next?* 🏟️ Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. Can you steer your team to victory, even with all the changes happening? Or will the pressure be too much to handle? Stay tuned – the curtain's rising on a brand new era in the Premier League. Welcome to "The Chairman Game." Your journey starts right NOW. 🌟 How to join? Each chairman will be given a starting budget of 500 million pounds, which can be used to purchase a club. The purchase value of each clubs are listed below. Chairmen can then freely allocate the remaining budget. You can give the money to your in-game manager to spend, or keeping it yourself for transfers. Simply join the discord below stating your desired club to purchase. You're recommended to post a Press Release announcing your decision. The Clubs Each of the 20 clubs in the Premier League will be given a purchase value, as listed below. Transfers As mentioned above, after allocating your remaining budget to your in-game manager, the remaining budget can be used for transfers. You can either purchase a player from other chairman, by negotiating with them thru PM, and reaching an agreement for the deal. You can be as creative as possible with the form of the deal (cash, player swap, any form of clauses) You can also purchase a player not owned by other chairman. For such player, you can PM me, and I will be using ChatGPT for the negotiation process. 🤵 Manager 🤵 You will need to pay 10m to sack your current manager. It's free to appoint a manager currently unemployed. You will need to pay a certain amount of money for manager currently employed, depending on their fame and ability. PM to enquiry. 🚩 Facilities 🚩 It will cost 25m each to upgrade your training/youth facilities by 1 star. 💰 Sponsorships 💰 You can choose from the following list of sponsorships for extra sponsor money to spend. However certain sponsorships come with certain conditions. You can be able to pick a new sponsorship at the end of each season. The selection process of the sponsorships will be done in a "Draft League" style. Each chairman will be given maximum 24 hours to decide on their sponsorship. Once the previous chairman had done their selection, the next chairman can continue. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NRGXzZJj
  4. Welcome to yet another FMM interactive game, the Road To Glory! As the name suggest, this game will be all about leading your avatar from a big club wonderkid/lower league unknown to world beaters. How does the game work? You start by creating your own football player. This will be a striker, you will also need to pick a strength and a trait, and probably the most important aspect - the starting club. You can choose to have him starting at a non-league club and slowly climb through the ranks to become one of the world's best just like Jamie Vardy, or start as a wonderkid in a big club with a lot of hype surrounding him like Phil Foden, or any other clubs you prefer, i.e starting at Newcastle trying to be the new Santiago Muñez. After creating your player, I will then start the simulation, and provide an update every half season. During each transfer period, you can hand in a transfer request stating which type of club your prefer to join, either on a loan or permanent deal. I will then provide you with some selections. How to sign-up? Simply join the discord link below, and get ready for an amazing journey. Note that I will be loading England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, so it's better for you to choose your starting club from these nations. All players will start as a 17 years old, 3 stars CA and 5 stars PA. Goal of the game Simple: Have your player have the most goal contributions by the end of the event The signup will be open for a week or so, feel free to ask any questions, and have fun! Discord link: https://discord.gg/y5e9ZhV2
  5. Hi everyone and welcome to bingo with a twist, FMM 24 Edition! Previous winners: FMM23 - @MikeF - Bingo FMM23 FMM22 - @Ashez - Bingo FMM22 FMM21 - @Ashez - Bingo FMM21 FMM20 - @FuddledFox - Bingo FMM20 Everybody knows "normal" bingo, if not then: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bingo_(American_version) I will use a website to generate bingo cards for people who sign up. This will be Bingo with some twists though: Every (monthly) update you will pick 1 out of 3 strikers, only goals scored by your chosen striker will count (If the goal was scored between minutes 1 - 75, as normal bingo only goes to 75) Penalty goals will not count (I will not assign anyone on penalties) Every month the strikers will change positions between them (so 1 month a striker will be playing in the middle, then left or right ST position)(You will not know where they play that month) I will keep the Strikers 100% fit and injury free (they will only miss a bit off time if they get injured during a match). I will use editor to "make" my machine to play Bingo. This will only take a maximum of 3 seasons. There will also be a (double) side quiz: 1) Each month you will guess how much goals the rest of the team have scored for that month (correct answer will give 1 quiz point). 2) Some months I will do a cryptic post (can be a text or an image) and you will have to guess the player (correct answer will give 1 quiz point) I will open a PM with all participants in which you will need to send me the answers for the quiz Each season the winner of the quiz will get a prize HOW TO GET POINTS Earning points with bingo (only the first manager to complete a figure gets the points) – Every line = 5 points – Cross = 15 points – Square = 25 points – Full card = 100 points About 10 players will be allowed to sign up. If you miss 3 updates, I will remove you from the event. Sign-up will be open for about a week or if enough spots are filled. Sign-ups: @Sarge @JamesVilla @StuartM @Phant @MikeF @vizardjr @Kun Aguero @sahil7 @AtleticoWolves @Dam0 Thanks for reading 😉 Feel free to ask questions if something is not clear and sign up 😁
  6. Hello everyone, I will publish the San Marino Save Data, I know it is very incomplete, if you help me, I can make a better save data, thanks. (The installation is like a normal save data) fm_save4 (1).rar
  7. The Game Of Agents : A FMM 23 Interactive Game Hey guys, before we get into the details of this game, you can see from the title that this one will be all about "Agents". Player agents had been a much important role in modern day football, with the likes of Mino Raiola who own the rights of Pogba, Donnarumma and lots of football talents, as well as Jorge Mendes who have players like CR7 and Bernardo Silva under his agency. This game will be all about agents, where you play as a football agent, searching for some young talents, have them living up their expectations, selling them for high value, and repeat! Credits to @Kun Aguero & @mcandrew003 for past editions. In case you don't know how the game works, check out some of the previous versions: FMM 21 Game of Agents FMM 20 Game of Agents How Does The Game Work? Every agent who signed up for the game will have a starting budget of 50 million, which you can used to buy the rights of 1-5 U-21 players. Fee to buy a player depends on the market value of the player. Once you bought a player, you may decide the future of the player by requesting a move away from his club. While in this game, to request a move, you simply request in the comments, and list out some aspects you look for in the player's new club (etc : a mid-table Premier League team with only 1-2 strikers for your young Ansu Fati), and I will list out some potential clubs. Make your choice and off your player go! Choosing Your Players As mentioned above, you will have a starting budget of £50 million, which you can use to sign 1-5 U-21 players. Note that the leagues loaded are England, Spain, Germany, Italy & France. May I suggest to pick at least 1 striker, 1 midfielder, 1 winger, 1 defender & 1 goalkeeper. That way you will be able to compete on ever leaderboard. This is not a must, you may buy 5 strikers if you wish so. Selling Players You will be able to sell your player's rights to either other agents or to me. In the case of selling the player's rights to me, the fee you earned will be 75% of the player's current market value. While for selling to the other agents, it all depends on your negotiating skills, you can either offer cash or players in exchange. How To Win? Well there is no way to win the game, but there will be some leaderboards (ex. Value, Attackers, Midfielders, Defenders, Goalkeepers, ...) How To Sign-Up? Just leave your name down, with the 1-5 players you have chosen, choosing players will be in a first come first serve basis. Remember, you have £50 million to spend on 1-5 U-21 players, leagues loaded are all leagues in England, Spain, Germany, Italy & France (Starting date will be July 1). There will be no deadline for the signup, and signup will be closed when we have sufficient agents joining. Feel free to signup and any suggestions are welcome. If you see a mistake or have a question, let me know. Thanks.
  8. I dunno if this half baked idea will suffice for a place amongst the numerous great competitions/games on this website so "applications"(is that what they're called?) Aren't open yet. I do have a few ideas for how this thing will work though. 1. Pick a team in Spain (Yall can tell me whether it should be in the top tier, the second tier or the bottom tier) then tell me if you want me to customize the club. You can then leave a comment using @Kun Aguero's FIFA ultimate custom club template. 2. Pick 16 players aged 16-19 but the value of each player must be under 4 million dollars/pounds. Then, pick 2-3 of players of any value with their leadership stats over 17 to act as the 'mentors'. 3. Your goal is the same as footballing academies, developing your players as best as you can and make a profit, while bringing through new prodigies. As a result, I shall give the clubs participating top youth facilities. 4. I will then simulate and give updates every month if this does become a thing Please do leave suggesstions below and if i should run with this idea.
  9. I'm going to keep this short as older Vibe members may remember (and more recent ones are finding out) I tend to waffle on. FMM (always will be FMH to me) is good entertainment but what changes it from good to great is this place, Vibe. Not only does Vibe give great ideas, challenges and topics of conversation, it also does the most important thing. It keeps the player (well me anyway) motivated to continue to play the game or a particular save. With that in mind it's essential that a career grabs the attention in order to keep people following and contributing to the thread which in turn motivates the player to continue. I like to think of it as This leads me on to the whole point of this. We obviously like to play the game in ways that are entertaining to ourselves but when we make that public it has to entertain others. There's no better way of entertaining people than actually giving them what they want. Or at least that's the theory Come on billy, you said you weren't going to waffle -- I need a career - I need Vibe to keep me motivated - I need to entertain you to keep you following - The career must be something you want Vibe Decides Of course, I'm not totally mad. You don't get to choose everything but here are some ideas which I would love some feedback on. All are long term goal based as that's how I roll. 1. An all in one 1k, DT and TT. Possibly with lower grade players not the obvious world starlets. 2. As above but all 3 players from the same nation, I'm thinking Brazil, Portugal, France or England as I did Holland in my one and only career last year and Italian players are heavily used so far on 2021. 3. A 1k with an older player. 23 years old at the start of the game. 4. The Holy Grail. An attempt (99.9% destined to fail) at a defender 1k. Probably wrapped in a TT as an extra to keep me entertained in what would undoubtedly be a long slog of a career. I can see people being sadistic and going for 4. Please note, I have had a total of one career on the EME (which I will use,) and do not have a God tactic so you probably wont ever get a positive conclusion. Thanks for joining in once again,
  10. Community Tactics. I’ll make the polls
  11. Welcome to my first FMM experiment! As the title says,in this experiment we will see what would have happened if Cristiano Ronaldo never left Real Madrid! I hope you will enjoy the experiment.Bye for now!
  12. Welcome to the Vibe World Cup 2019. This is the 2nd edition of this team competition with the Welsh combo of @Taff and @Nucleuswinning last years final and @PriZe taking the Golden Mobile award for the competitions top points scorer. We won’t be seeing any of those guys this year with Taff and PriZe both AWOL and Nuke taking a break from competitive events. This means a new name will be on both trophies in 5 weeks time. I will be sharing hosting duty’s with 1759 this year and I want to thank him for his excellent input so far and taking some of the burden of posting from me. The Format We have 5 teams representing nations from around the world but before we meet them let me run you through the format that the tournament will be taking. Week 1: The pressure is on straight away as week 1 will be a qualifying phase with all 5 teams trying to secure a place in the group stage. The team with the worst score will be heading home this week. Weeks 2-4: This will be a 3 week group stage as teams battle for a place in the final. All 4 teams will compete against one another with points awarded for the best score (5 points) all the way to the worst (1 point) for each challenge. Week 5: The top 2 teams in the group stage will go through to the final where they will face off for the title of world champions. The Teams Each team is made up of two Vibers so let’s meet the teams. I sent Vibes roving reporter Sexy Sue to find out a little more information on the members of each team. So let’s meet the competitors. Scotland The Scots make there VWC debut this year and they will be looking to perform better than the national football team as they have never made it past a World Cup group stage. At first glance these lads don’t seem the most Scottish but delve deeper and it tells a different story. @samhardy: We all know Sam as a true lad of the North East but he has his roots in the highlands of Scotland. In fact he may or may not be able to claim he is a direct descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie and he may or may not be currently in the process of raising an army for another Jacobite rebellion. Either way he loves Irn-Bru and has a lot of family in Scotland and that’s good enough for us. @1759: It’s a North East love in for Team Scotland as my co host completes the team. Just like Sam though 1759 has roots and family north of the border and even his display name on Vibe reflects his Scottish roots. Some say he is named after the year that Scottish poet Robert Burns was born whilst others say that 1759 is actually the number of cans of Tennents Super he drinks every week. England England were beaten finalists last year and the boys are back for another tilt at the title with both Rob and Woody again representing the nation that gave the world the “beautiful game”. @Rob: You will all know Rob as the undisputed king of strikerless football but what you may not know is that he is the real life James Bond. He mainly operates in the South West of England trying to foil the plots of the Cornish and there plans to conquer England. He can often also be found frolicking in the waves on Weymouth beach with his latest female assistant after another plot has been prevented. @Woody: The Pele of the Potteries is very much the elder statesman of Vibe and can call the former Man Utd player Alan Smith as well as Robbie Williams and Phil “The Power” Taylor close personal friends. What you may not know is that Woodys first job was on the titanic and in an interview given in 1920 he said this about that time “I was gutted when that ship sank as I loved being it’s captain”. Japan The Japanese make there VWC debut this year and will be hoping to mark it with victory. @Ashez: Where would Vibe be without the input of this man over the years?!? He is also venerated in the land of the rising sun with statues in town squares and a national holiday every year on his birthday. This may surprise you that a nation could so love a normal lad from Shrewsbury but a recent report on this phenomenon in the Financial Times shed light on the subject with it stating. Over the years Ashley Sale has become vital to the Japanese economy simply by virtue of the amount of Nintendo games and paraphernalia he buys every year. Estimates by Tokyo University state that his spending alone is worth £9.2b to the Japanese economy. @Foxy: My hope is that some of Ashez fame and glory will reflect back onto me. Czechia Another new team joins the party. @smoggy90: After a strong performance in the VPL this year Smoggy will be looking to maintain that form in the VWC. Smoggy is a man who enjoys many of Czechia exports especially the Staropramen and in fact enjoys the city of Prague so much he “accidentally” missed his flight on his last visit just to fit in more drinking time. @Mr Tree: Legend has it that a wandering Irish Bard planted an acorn whilst visiting the town of Staines on the outskirts of London. As that sapling grew he dreamed of the forests of Central Europe and the beer of Bohemia which would help him grow into a mighty oak. That’s why he uprooted himself in 2008 and moved to the Czech Republic so that he could plant a few wild acorns of his own. Brazil You can’t have a World Cup without the Brazilians but we aren’t exactly brimming with them round here especially as FMM isn’t for sale over there. Luckily the powers that be have rushed through passports for 2 of our members and put them up in all expenses paid penthouses over looking Copacabana beach for the duration of there participation in the tournament. @Kanegan:Despite taking Brazilian citizenship for this event Kanegan is still a proud Indian and he is hoping that he can be successful in the VWC and take some of his homelands attention away from the Cricket and onto football for awhile. In an interview with Sexy Sue he said “Well, the popularity of ISL i.e the franchise based competition similar to IPL has been increasing with every passing year and of course my country has already fallen head over heels in love after seeing my managerial skills and posting my 1st ever 1KC”. @DutchTony: Speculation has been rife since Dutchtony joined Vibe as to just how Dutch Tony actually is. Sexy Sue spent 6 months digging around into his past and found absolutely nothing so instead just put this question to Tony and he was forthright with his answer “With my dad being from Cape Town South Africa, there will be the obvious Dutch connection if you go back far enough but that's about it. The reason for the nickname - One day many moons ago I was chatting with some friends about my dad's background and the history of his country. I was also wearing a bright orange T shirt at the time similar to the Dutch National Team. Out of nowhere someone piped up - "Hey Dutch Tony", And the name just stuck. How Dutch am I? Not very...“ That ladies and gentlemen is your 5 teams that will be looking to be crowned world champions. Golden Mobile Award The Golden Mobile award will be presented at the end of the tournament to the competitor that scores the most points across all the challenges. Team Member Numbers One final piece of business is the matter of each competitors team member number. In each challenge you and your teammate will be using different teams or players. This ensures some variety in the competition and also stops both teammates just doing the same thing. You are all numbered either 1 or 2 and I have already told you in your team PM what number you are but just to remind you here they are again. Team Members Number 1: @samhardy, @Rob, @Ashez, @smoggy90, @Kanegan Team Members Number 2: @1759, @Woody, @Foxy, @Mr Tree, @DutchTony The first challenge will go live tomorrow so in the mean time banter amongst yourself.
  13. Hiya everyone quick question why can't I start new game with the winter update. Any feedback would be much appreciated Cheers
  14. The Vibe Community Tactic 2018 When it comes to tactics on FMM18 we all have our own ideas on how they should be done but I want to see if we can come up with a tactic from all these different ideas that we have in the community. Through a series of discussions and polls I hope that we can create a tactic that we can call the Vibe Community Tactic and fingers crossed it will be a good one as I plan to create a challenge that we can all have a chance to use this tactic on. The only way we can achieve this is by all of us contributing in some way whether it be commenting in the discussions to suggest ideas or of course voting in the polls. So how will this work? The plan is that we will have a couple of days discussion before we then vote. We will deal with each element of the tactic in this order. · Formation: Are we going 3 or 4 at the back or maybe just 2. How many strikers do we want and will we have wide men or play narrow in midfield? · Roles: How many play makers do we want in the team and will we play with inside forwards or wingers or a combination? · Team Instructions: What style of football are we going to play? Sit deep and hit teams on the counter, high possession football or all-out attack · Challenge: We will have a leaderboard for both OME and EME so which ever match engine you prefer you can join in. We have so many options in all three elements of the tactic and your opinions are going to be vital to help us create this tactic. Let’s get the ball rolling. I would love your suggestions as to which basic formation we should use for our tactic EG. 4-4-2, 3-4-3 etc and if it helps then post a screenshot from the tactics screen in game. The best way to convince the rest of Vibe that we should use your favourite formation is to give us some reasons why it’s your favourite. Don’t worry if you think it should be a certain formation but someone has already suggested it, the more people that suggest a certain formation the more likely it is to be included in the poll. Remember we are discussing the formation at the moment and not the specific player roles we should use just yet. The tactic has been decided now and you can of course read through this entire thread to see how it was formed or you can click the spoiler below and see the finished article. It's also available to download here. Thank you for reading.
  15. The Vibe Mafia Event Welcome one, welcome all to the Vibe Mafia Event! After my challenge yesterday this came to my mind and I thought I'd create an event out of it. Today we will be pitting two Mafia groups againt one another in order to decide who is the reigning Vibe criminal group! Before we get into the formalities and concept, here are a few things to keep in mind.... This is a one season event in order to not inflict massively with any major events The Two Mafia's will have be based in the North, and South. This will be their 'territory' and you can only manage a club from this are. The nation this event takes place in is England This is a 10 Person Event Ok, so now thats out of the way, let's get into the idea! The Fight For Power The Vibe Mafia Event will be a 10 Person Event where two teams of 5 will face off against one another to conquer England and rule the country, or at least the Mafia scene. If you haven't read my Mafia challenge, I highly reccomend reading it here in order to grab a concept on the different roles we will be using here. Anywho. The challenge will see 5 against 5 action, with each rung of the Mafia on both sides having a different challenge or objective than the other rungs. For example, the Lieutenants will have different objectives than the Capo's or the Mafia Boss. After one season, the points, or money, will be added up, and the most wins! Building The Crime Families After we have our 10 participants enter, I will randomise two groups of five to face off against one another. Once your group is assembled, you must decide between you what role you will all have. Each role has different objectives, with the higher roles having harder ones to meet. So, it's ideal to have your strongest players leading your team! Below are the difficulty perimeters, if you will. Mafia Boss - The Mafia Boss will have the hardest challenge to follow, as he looks to lead by example. Lieutenant - The Lieutenant will have a hard task, yet it pales in comparison to that of the Mafia Boss. His task is harder than the Capo however. Capo - This member has the easiest task of the Mafia, yet it is by no means going to be a breeze You should organise your team like this: So practically, the better you are at FMM, the higher you should be. However, that's for your teams to decide! Like I said before, there will be two teams, the Northern Mafia and the Southern Mafia. These will be allocated after the team draw. The challenges for each Mafia member will then be posted. The scores of all your Mafia will be added up and put against the other! I made that graphic myself, just say I'm chuffed Rules - For the event to work we need 10 participants, so sign up if you are interested! Everybody is welcome as long as you can commit to just one season. - Let's keep it competitive in here, but fun at the same time - No cheating at all. It takes the fun and experience away from others and means you spoil others time and embarrass yourself. - No reloading. This goes under cheating but I had to add it anyway. - If you have any questions, just ask below. - In theory the event will only last a week, so sign up quick! - The event is set in England - Have fun! Remember it's a community event so everybody is watching your progress So? I'm really excited for this as I feel it could be a big thing, and hopefully a regular thing on Vibe, but it depends how people take it. All feedback, comments and thoughts are appreciated, and remember, let the most brutal win
  16. I share a collection of goals scored on FMM 18 through playing my Tiki Taka System Enjoy!!!
  17. So, who is everyone’s favourite player in the latest version of the game and why? They can be existing or regens. Here’s mine: His name is Emiliano Lozano. He joined as a 15 year old with wicked stats. Logic dictates he is Suarez’s regen. I have blooded him slowly and sold Pellegri to give him more games as my lone striker. This is him now: I have switched tactics this season to work ball in to the area and he has scored goals for fun since. I think the main reason I love him so much is when he scores I mimic the Martin Tyler ‘Aguerooooo’ screech by yelling ‘Lozanoooo’ in the living room. I reckon I have eleven seasons to get 800 goals to get the 1 thousand, so here goes! Who does everyone else love?
  18. A big welcome back to ... Futsal 3 What is Futsal? Futsal is a community game I organize on a yearly basis, this being the third edition, where I start as -and remain- an unemployed manager holidaying thru the save collecting the needed stats from players that you're going to pick for your teams. It's all simulation so I have zero influence or control over how the AI is going to manage your players or the teams they play in. It's all in the dire hands of the AI so take this into account when putting together a team. Above all, this is simply a competition where people come to have fun with fellow Vibers and play FMM in a slightly different way. The Futsal Teams Our futsal teams are going to consist of 5 players of any type. However, the aim is to score 1000 points so if you want to have any chance of beating the next guy you're advised to pick attack-minded players since these are going to be the ones collecting the most amount of points. The Futsal Players In contrast to Futsal 1 and 2, where only players from top divisions were allowed, this time we're going with all available players from the 4 biggest leagues, including lower divisions. So better start strategizing and maximize your chances to be the first to reach 1000 points, and win! Will it be the player at his peak banging in the goals straight away? He may spend seasons on the bench after his best years and cost you big points. The young lad with buckets full of talent? He may make the wrong sporting decision and move to the wrong club at the wrong time and not reach his full potential. The lower league lad perhaps playing weaker opposition? There's a million ways to go about it so think very carefully about those 5 picks as their starting clubs as well as their possible moves to bigger teams or new leagues, as proven in Futsal 1 and 2, will have a massive impact on their performances and goal/assist tallies. The Points Unlike Futsal 1 and 2 where only goals counted, this time I've decided to include assists as well. I believe this is going to have a major impact on your player selections since players will now receive 1pt/goal and 1pt/assist. All assists and goals produced by your players in all competitions (ITN games included) from July 2017 onwards count as points. All players start with 0 points from day 1 of the save so any goals scored before that date will not count, a blank history so to speak. The first manager to have his team of 5 players score a 1000 points wins and will be crowned the new Futsal 3 Champion! - effectively de-throning current champion @wallywonka who's been occupying the king's seat for a day too many now The Rules In Futsal 1 and 2 all futsal teams consisted of 5 unique players. Not this time tho. Duplicates are allowed. Why you might ask? Well, because I'm not going to bother with picking rounds this time. They're confusing, repetitive, annoying, and very time-consuming, so instead what you need to do is simply send me a PM with your 5 players that you want in your team. Should a player retire from the game, you'll be asked to pick a replacement. I'll send you a PM when/if that time comes. Note: players eligible for replacement must NOT exceed the original price of the one retiring, regardless any money you may have had left of your starting budget.. I burned it for you on uhmm administration costs..and a new yacht. Thanks! Ah, that brings us to the last twist of this year's edition. The all brand-new budget system. The Budget For the first time in Vibe's Futsalling history you'll be working with a budget, just like in any other Fantasy Football League you might be familiar with. You have a budget and need to pick 5 players within that budget. Easy peasy. Your budget this year is €200M. Make sure you select the proper currency when picking players to avoid misunderstandings. The Leagues loaded England - all leagues Spain - all leagues Italy - all leagues Germany - all leagues Other info.. Database size - 21.735 Match Engine - EME Job status - unemployed Gender - Female Nationality - ?? Please make sure you check your players are in the game, saves me headaches and you the infamous "hairdryer". The Start Tue. 5th December - The sign-up window will remain open for a week to give people enough time to prepare their teams. Simply drop a comment to confirm your participation and PM me your choice of players. I'll update the OP accordingly. Once we're all set with our teams of 5 I'll bring you a final update including players, teams and a leaderboard. After that we KICK this baby OFF, and you just sit back and watch while I fill your screen with regular updates. If you have any questions before joining the fun pls feel free to ask. Goodluck! The Participants BatiGoal Taff Rocket Veerus craigibhoy Jwill11 Erreh samhardy PriZe Ashez FARADiLLA Cockers2505 AzmiG26 JoaK KTS365 Niall C
  19. Hey Guys Got another cheeky Experiment for you wonderful people! I noticed that on the In-Game Editor was an option to release all players from a club. So what I've done is release every player from every club the following countries Top League So what will hopefully happen is that each team from these leagues will start rebuilding their squads from the free agents list! But who will come out on top of the European ladder come the end of the season and who will end up being fodder! What do you guys think will be the outcome then? will the big clubs buy wisely and still dominate? where will Messi and Ronaldo end up? will Burnley win the Premier League? All will be revealed!
  20. Hey guys I had a little idea that hopefully you will get behind Basically I will be creating, using the IGE, 22 five star Wonderkids all starting at a single vanarama south team I will be following each and every player throughout their career and seeing who can win the most career trophies along the way! They will all start as 2.5* current ability strikers with that much wanted 5* potential abaility. Who will get promoted at the first time of asking? Will any stay at the starter club for longer than a season? Who will leave in the first January transfer window? I will post the screenshots of the 22 players on this post in the next few hours or so! For the time being throw me some names to us! Dave Jackson - Bath City Rodrigo Yarlenko - Billericay Jordan Chiedozie - Chelmsford Josh Smile - Chippenham Tosan Popo - Concord Charlie Sheringham - Dartford Fabio Silva - Dulwich Hamlet Sam Higgins - East Thurrock Harry Ransom - Eastbourne Borough Spencer Hamilton - Gloucester Ogo Obi - Hampton and Richmond Stephen Cawley - Hemel Hempstead Tony van Snickelrooy - Hungerford Craig Fasanmade - Oxford City Manny Williams - Slough Zane Banton - St. Albans Olaf Koszela - Torquay Lloyd Gardner - Truro Elliott Charles - Wealdstone Bradley Goldberg - Welling Jamie Lucas - Weston Super Mare Tosin Akinbobola - Woking
  21. 2018 Vibe Premier League Hello vibe and welcome to the inaugural Vibe Premier League which sees the cream of the managerial crop collide in what will surely be 10 weeks of fierce competition. It'll certainly test the character of all competitors as they initially battle to avoid elimination, then to try and reach the playoffs, and eventually - to win the title. This will run as the only invitational event on the calendar and will be contested by the top 10 in the Vibe Rankings. However, if any of the top 10 didn't fancy taking part then 11th place would be invited, followed by 12th, and so on. I made this decision myself based on the fact that we'll have 10 active members who will submit week in week out with no risk of drop outs that happen in the vast majority of vibe tournaments. So for your entertainment, let's have a look at the 10 managers who will be taking part in this unique event: ----------------------------- BatiGoal PriZe samhardy Taff Real_Random kts365 Mr.Manager FuddledFox Acidsparxx Titjes ------------------------------ The Format - How this will run Obviously, this will be run as a league system with a head to head against a different member of the league each week. 3 points will be awarded for a win whilst 1 will be awarded for a draw. Also, a bonus point each week will be awarded for the highest scorer in the round with a point deducted from the lowest scorer. Challenge tie breaks will be sorted by league points, followed by GD. There'll be two main honours to be fought for - The League phase champion, which will be awarded simply to the manager who tops the league after 9 weeks. However, after 9 weeks the top 4 placed managers will enter the all important playoffs - semi finals followed by a final to decide who is crowned the first ever Vibe Premier League champion. Any darts fans out there might recognise this system from somewhere and yes, I did use it as inspiration for this tournament As previously mentioned the tournament lasts 9 weeks, however after 5 weeks the bottom two in the league will be immediately eliminated leaving the remaining 8 to fight for the playoffs in the last 4 game weeks. Points system I'll be trying a unique system for this event that'll hopefully make things more exciting and will make every H2H more like a real football match instead of having big scorelines such as 123-98. This method was used years ago for an event but I can't 100% remember who it was who brought it to Vibe, I think it was @rafa but not certain, so credit to him if it was for this points system. When all the results come in for each week, I'll divide them into 5 separate categories, 1st + 2nd, 3rd + 4th, 5th + 6th, 7th + 8th and 9th + 10th. The top two points scorers in the round will be awarded 4 points (or goals for the purpose of the matchup) and someone in the lowest category (9th or 10th) will score 0 goals. So, If the highest scorer played the lowest scorer then the higher scorer would win the H2H 4-0. If the two managers facing off against each other were the two lowest scorers then it'd be a 0-0 draw and both would get a point each. Remember, the highest scoring manager of the round will earn an extra point in the league with the lowest scorer losing one. Plan of attack I'll be posting the fixtures for the first five weeks tomorrow, followed by the first challenge on Friday. Hopefully you all enjoy following this and best of luck to all competitors! Thanks to @FuddledFox who will be providing graphics for this tournament throughout.
  22. Brenty92 & mcandrew003 Present: The Rapid Fire Club Tycoon! Hello Vibe! I hope you are all well today and ready for a new community event! A few days ago, the legendary @Ashez gave me permission to post an updated version of his old community games, the FMMVibe Player Bidding War, which is based off the hit TV Show Storage Hunters. Upon recieveing the offer, I took it to my good friend Brenty92, as we were brainstorming ideas for an event at the time, and we revamped the challenge to bring you what you see today! I suggest you read the original event first so you get an idea on the concept and how it takes place. You are all aspiring club owners, and after the financial crisis of 2016 all clubs have had their owners relinquished and are up for grabs. With a budget of 100 Million, you all attend a club auction where there is a surprise twist. The auction was being lead by Storage Hunters host Sean Kelly! He leads you to the first lot, where there are hidden clues inside about the club. The Lowdown/Rules: - You have a 100 Million budget. This will go up and down depending on how much you bid for a club, and if the clubs value is more or less. - All club values have been pre-set by your 2 hosts, myself and @Brenty92 - You can place a bid on any lot, but do you risk a big chunk of your budget or bid low and snatch a bargain? You will only lose/gain money if you win the lot, so if you bid big but don't win don't worry! - To enter, simply bid! We would love to know the initial interest though, so make sure to let us know if you are interested. - There will be 2 Leaderboards. The amount of clubs you own, and the money you have. - We will give a maximum of 2 clues per lot. Remember, it can be any of the 138 clubs in England. It could even be a non-league club We are going to be very sneaky with the clues aswell, so make sure to use your initiative. - Only bids in multiples of 500K to make it easier, for example 500K, 1Million, 1.5 Million etc.... So, remember to let us know if you are taking part! You can bid at any time, even if you haven't bid before. Feel free to leave questions, comments and feedback, and look out for the first lot which will be in a few minutes! Money Leaderboard: 1. BatiGoal (£157 Million) 2. Real_Random (£105 Million) 3. Shawn'99 (£95 Million) 4. Jeroenvk94 (£90.5 Million) 5. XizzatX (£77 Million) 6. Niall C (£63.5 Million) 7. AzmiG26 (£59.5 Million) 8. KennyMiller27 (£58 Million) 9. Real_Random (£45.5 Million) 10. Risheek (£35.05 Million) 11. UKFootballScore (£27.5 Million) 12. Damilare (£21.6 Million) 13. Samhardy (£21.5 Million) 14. Rocket (£13 Million) Club Leaderboard: 1. Rocket ( Barnsley, Liverpool, Charlton) 1. BatiGoal (Manchester United, Chelsea, Newcastle United) 1. Real_Random (Blackburn, Cardiff City, Swansea City) 1. Shawn'99 (West Ham United, Bristol City, Eastleigh) 2. Robbrown172 (Shrewsbury, Manchester City) 2. KennyMiller27 (Aston Villa, Birmingham) 2. Niall C (Tottenham Hotspur, Wolverhampton Wanderers) 2. Damilare (Arsenal, Stockport) 2. UKFootballScore (Sunderland 3. Real_Random (Blackburn) 3. Risheek (Dover) 3. Jeroenkv94 (Bournemouth) 3. AzmiG26 (Leicester) 3. Samhardy (Leeds United) 3. XizzatX (Oxford United)
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