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Ideally you want a high defensive line but balanced will work ok and of course offside trap turned on. I would look to play either a flat back 4 or just 2 CB’s as the less defenders you have the more likely they will all work together in unison to catch the opposition offside.

Then it’s about the defenders and there attributes. You want them to have good decisions so that they know when to snap the offside trap. Some people will say high teamwork but I’m not sure on that as that is basically selfishness and work rate combined which isn’t that relevant but still it won’t do any harm if you defenders have it. I would make sure the defenders have high pace as well because then they can get back if the opponents don’t go offside.

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Teamwork is important to tie into positional play isn't it? You want the trap to work as a unit, if one member doesn't have the workrate to keep in line the whole line doesn't work. 

Positioning, teamwork, pace and decisions are the ones I'd look for. I wouldn't worry about tackling that much. Maybe aerial in a high line to stop balls over the top and to be competitive in midfield. 

You also have to consider the midfield roles imo, something like a BBM could break your line by not getting out quick enough, I suppose that goes for any role that comes backwards. You'd also want a midfield that can keep the ball as you don't want quick breaks against you. 

Thinking out loud now but I wonder about set pieces, we've seen Liverpool adopt a terrifying high line to wide free kicks but it works, I wonder if that could be implemented in game. I wish we had a set piece tester as trying to get said information from matches would be so tedious haha. 

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