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Tactics Liverpool - invincible and solid defense

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Here is a tactic which worked out pretty well with Liverpool. I am yet to test it out in other leagues and with lower teams. 

Pretty simple roles for players - 

Firmino / Jota as treq to connect with advance playmaker and create opportunities for inside forwards. 

Surprisingly the defense throughout the season remained solid - conceding only 8 goals in the league. 

Attached screenshots for you to see and check it out for yourself. 

Peace out. ✌ 

Let me know your thoughts. 

Screenshot_20210526-224949_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224853_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224843_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224835_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224824_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224805_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224754_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224702_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224514_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224423_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224418_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224412_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224406_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224353_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20210526-224458_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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Did you make any notable signings for your season first season and how is the formation doing now as I’ve noticed a lot of formations seem to fall off after a season or 2.

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