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Chat I need some advice on player fatigue/stamina

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Hey everyone

so the last time i posted something abouy tactics was my team's lack of goals and i have already did the solution for it but my main problem right now seems to be my player's condition/fatigue. i play a high pressing fast gameplay but as i realised it my team is somehow becoming a lot more easier to get inj, tired and so on after i change my attacking shape into balanced but somehow it makes them work extra? im not so sure myself so i kinda want some tips for fatigue management especially considering plenty of games every season with champions league, premier league and domestic cups. so can anybody give me some tips for me to do?


btw this is how my tactic is at the moment668666807_Screenshot_20210729-205626_FM21Mobile.thumb.jpg.6e3c5b4dd169671a9a175582fac34009.jpg929563911_Screenshot_20210729-205629_FM21Mobile.thumb.jpg.1ab7096f18eb08d1a78092c1e5b78fab.jpg1161133544_Screenshot_20210729-205633_FM21Mobile.thumb.jpg.e2fe5fdcb711f292e40b191a6d5e345b.jpg

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yo man just buy some backup players for each positions or maybe you can use club's youngsters as an 3rd option

oh and make sure the player that u make as a backup had an "backup contract" so he will not protest for not playing regularly....

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I think FMM is out of balance with this and players get way too tired. Anyway, I just have two match day teams of about equal strength and rotate them every game (use the load selection feature). Players don't seem to get too upset about playing time if they play every second game. 

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Usually playing a more defensive shape would reduce fatigue but in this case I'm guessing it's because the tempo and high pressing remain the same, and your team now has to cover more space to regain possession since you're affording the opposition more space. Like playing attacking forces the opposition into making mistakes higher up the pitch so you're regaining possession faster. 

Sadly but understandably, player condition had been nerfed over the years (forgot which) to prevent us from playing high press high tempo tactics all season long. 

I'd either get more squad depth, reduce either tempo or press (maybe play balanced but press on own half - with a second defensive player besides the BWM), or perhaps keep the team on attacking but play with a higher defensive line to aid the press.

Last but not least, hire as many fitness coaches as possible so that your team no longer knows what fatigue is 😆

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thanks for all the tips and it seems working actually

i bought many backups and those backups are on par with my first team so i am not worried anymore


thanks a lot!

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My players end up first half with stamina under 80, not a big issue in FMM21, but annoying in FMM22. Should I try to change team instructions at half time? 🧐

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