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Hello everyone, I am new to this website, I decided to write this post to share my experience on my rtg experience with AFC Wimbledon. I’m not quite accustomed at yet, so my post might not look very good, but please bare with me

After a Liverpool Fc save, and a journeyman save where I managed; Sporting Lisbon, Spurs, Chelsea, Dortmund, Sevilla, Ac Milan, Portugal NA and the Netherlands NA, I decided to really challenge myself with a RTG. 

 I started off unemployed, my first job came in January of 2021 with southend In league one. Finished the season in the bottom half and got sacked, I almost immediately got hired by Doncaster rovers where I had a horrible season, spend up until January of 2022 and resigned due to everything going wrong. I spent the entirety of the 2021/22 season unemployed. In the 2022/23 season, i got a job offer from AFC Wimbledon in league 2 at the time, and I immediately fell in love. My first season I barely got promotion and surprisingly won it and got promoted to league one. I finished 15th in my first ever season in league one with Wimbledon, and then finished 1st the very next season. 

After promotion to the championship, It was a real struggle, I also tried my best to not bring in loaned players because it really hurts my team when they leave. My first championship season was a struggle finishing 20th, the very next season I had a slight improvement and finished 17th. Even after two poor seasons, the board and fans never got angry at me, and the board always supported me with enough funds, and always accepted my requests. My third year in the championship was really lucky as I got some really good free agents who really helped the team and as finished 5th and won promotion in my 3rd season in the championship. I was so excited and hyped.

 In my first season in the prem, it was tough, players wanted to leave for bigger clubs, I wasn’t attracting good players, and some players wanted bigger wages I couldn’t afford, I lost around 4 of my star players, I ended up finishing 17th. I then gave the save around a 2 week break, I used another saved and experimented on new tactics and learning a lot about the game. 

After that,  I came back and bought some really good players after receiving around 50m from the board, I also sold my best youngster to Barcelona for 82m which really boosted my financially. So with that money, I really made smart transfers and build the team so well. I also used one of the tactics I discovered while experimenting on another save, and I finished 5th. Bare in mind, the only trophy I won prior to that was the league 1 champions trophy, and the promotion ones if you count that. I qualified for UEL and won it, won the carabao cup and made it to the final of the Fa cup, and believe it or not, won the prem. After years of struggle, I won the prem in 2029/30. 

 After that season, I won the ucl every season up until now (2035/36), won the prem every season except one season (2031/32), and I’ve even picked up a few fa cups, carabao cups, super cups  and community shield’s along the way.

I now currently have a team where the cheapest player in my starting 11 is 19m (35 y/o William saliba). I’ve won multiple managerial awards and have a few World Cup and ballon’dor winners in my team, the only trophy’s I’ve never won that’s available to me, is the World Cup and Nations league. I’ve only exceeded 50m on a transfer 4 times, (125m, 75m, 57m & 51m), my worst out of the four is the 57m transfer who’s now my captain for my reserves team. My wage structure is also very good, I only have 3 players earning more than 200k, 6 players earning 100k - 200k and everyone else earning below 100k. 

If anyone would like tips, solution to problems, help or just fun things I’ve discovered during this save, I’d be more than happy to share in future posts.

Thanks for reading, hope you guys find this interesting!

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Sam folarin

Teden mendi

Zach robinson

Ricky-jade jones

Jack rudoni 

daniel csóka

Just to name a few, I’ve used all of them in every league I’ve been in, Jones is just a beast, must get. I highly suggest mendi and folarin too, these three can 100% start in your premier league team, the rest are championship level at max

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