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Help Brendan Rodgers tactics


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i would like some help to replicate as good as its possible BR tactics with Leicester.  i’ve seen them play quit regularly this year, but still im not really happy with the created tactic, also it’s not working in the game🙁. hope some of you would/could help thanks in advance 

its in Dutch so i’ll translate i play a 5-2-1-2 formation

with a:


2 BPD and 1 (the middle one) as a CD. 2 Attacking Fullbacks

in the middle i have a comination of a RP and a BWM 

behind the 2 PF’s i have an AM in the AM role

i play a counter mentality with a small width, slow tempo and a balanced freedom

defensively a high line and high press normal tackling no time wasting and with the offside trap


final third: i only ticked work in the box and through balls. Short passing style with mixed focus and short GK distribution. 




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3 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

the main tactic is run around, fall over, bitch and whine... (i'm not over Sunday's defeat yet :D )

😂😂. I know, aswell  against Leicester as against Chelsea. Brentford didn’t get what they deserved. There are a nice addition to the PL

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21 hours ago, MatiasDFS said:

i wouldnt say leicester plays slow football, while they look for having the ball, their transitions are usually quite fast

I’ve made this tactic after the Man U game and i found that they’ve didn’t play that much high of a tempo so thats why i choose for slow. But indeed generally they have a fast tempo to attack

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